Aug 11, 2022
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Depending on the extractor model, from two to six half-frames can be removed at the same time. This type of manual extractor is suitable for apiaries with a maximum number of families from 10 to 15, with an engine up to 100 families.

When using a tangential extractor with a self-rotating function, the frames are installed in so-called honeycomb pockets. In the honey extractor, they can be rotated 180 degrees, which is done by changing the direction of rotation and usually as part of an automatic program. Thus, the beekeeper has much more time to open the comb device, he only needs to equip the centrifuge with combs and remove them after centrifugation.

Due to the time savings and low risk of comb breakage, even when working with hard honey such as rapeseed honey, this type of extractor is especially common among professional beekeepers with large families.

Tangential extractors with self-rotating function are also very suitable for frames of different sizes and break honeycombs less. The automatic comb turning in the extractor basket saves time.

However, this technique is more fragile than simple tangential or radial slingshots and the power is also lower than that of radial slingshots. Depending on the model, you can simultaneously rotate from 4 to 24 frames. This model is suitable for apiaries with 10 to 300 families.

In the case of radial extractors, it is the centrifugal force and at the same time the negative pressure between the combs that cause honey to flow out of the cells. However, due to the higher rotation speed, the combs are subjected to much more stress, which can lead to comb breakage with viscous honeys or large frames.

Large combs also carry the risk of insufficient emptying if they are located too close to the central axis. For this reason, smaller frames such as half or flat frames are commonly used with radial extractors and bowls are of a wider design.

Some manufacturers offer extractors with baskets that can accommodate both tangential and radial frames, which is a great advantage for beekeepers with honey varieties of different viscosities.

Radial extractors are suitable for a large number of colonies and frames. Since there is no need to rotate the comb, the beekeeper saves a lot of time.

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