Sep 14, 2021
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Extracted or not? Franchetti’s daughter answered the most exciting question about her father’s detention in the Czech Republic

The daughter of a participant in the “Crimean Spring”, a citizen of Russia Alexander Franchetti answered the most exciting question about the detention of her father in the Czech Republic. Is it extradited at the request of Ukraine or not?

Earlier, the Czech authorities detained Russian citizen Alexander Franchetti, who was one of the participants in the events of the Crimean Spring, at the Prague airport. The reason for the arrest was an arrest warrant issued by Ukraine.

In an interview with RT, the daughter of the detainee said that soon it would be decided whether her father would be released in the Czech Republic or he would be detained for some time.

“There will be no transmission to Ukraine,” she assured.

Dia Franchetti added that her father is in good conditions, he is well fed and has “everything he needs,” including medical attention.

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