Aug 17, 2022
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Explosions of power lines: It’s time to remember that in the USSR, the security of the country was the business of every citizen, and not just the special services

In the photo: view of the Kursk NPP

In the photo: view of the Kursk NPP (Photo: TASS / Grigory Sysoev)

After a couple of weeks, we finally learned about the explosions that had thundered in the Kurchatov district of the Kursk region. It turns out that on August 4, 9 and 12, Ukrainian saboteurs crawled under the pylons of high-voltage power lines with a power of up to 750 kV and, in the end, slowly blew up six such pylons with TNT bombs. Part of the lines supplied electricity to industrial, transport, life support and residential buildings in the region and neighboring regions, and part to the Kursk nuclear power plant (NPP) itself.

As a result of the sabotage, the technological process of the NPP operation was disrupted. The Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation initiated criminal cases to investigate the terrorist act. The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, together with the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, also undertook to search for criminals with their possible accomplices. And the Russian Guard is taking measures to strengthen the protection of nuclear facilities, according to the FSB website. Will the security forces cope on their own?

Member of the Council on Foreign Defense Policy, Major General of the FSB in reserve Alexander Mikhailov believes that we have a huge number of objects that are available for saboteurs – whether we like it or not.

“You can’t put a policeman or even a people’s guard at each power transmission pole. Therefore, we need to build a new system of relations between the state represented by law enforcement agencies and society.

In Soviet times, many crimes were solved based on primary information received from ordinary citizens. People cared about their own safety and the safety of their country. Today, there is practically no such thing: law enforcement agencies are on their own, society is on its own.

In order to stop such actions, you need to gather the whole world. I am more than sure that if these terrorists are caught and the promotion of the case begins, it will turn out that, alas, there were people who suspected, assumed, and maybe even knew about the preparation of the crime. But they decided to themselves: “What do I need most of all?”. And this, of course, is the most serious problem we have encountered.

And even today, a huge number of marginalized, let’s say, refugees from Ukraine come to Russia quite embittered. Among them may be people with a “double bottom”. Naturally, they can be incited to commit acts of sabotage, acts of sabotage or terrorist attacks. Therefore, my point of view is as follows: the counterintelligence regime should be tightened, we should be more attentive to people who come to the territory of the Russian Federation.

We understand that among the refugees there are also dissatisfied, hostile ones, and the identification of such characters requires some effort. Law enforcement agencies and special services are not able to do this in full without the help of society. Therefore, today it is necessary to change the model of state and public security. It lies in the fact that without the support of citizens, we will be vulnerable.

“SP”: – And what about the power line itself?

– You understand that the length of such lines is huge, as well as gas, oil and other land communications. There is a huge length of roads, which can also be vulnerable. Therefore, all this economy requires a very serious change in our relationship with you.

I remember how in the 90s there was a discussion of changing the concept of the state border. It was quite obvious that if in the Soviet Union the state border was guarded by all the republics, then after they spun off, we found ourselves in a position where we had to carry out operational cover of the border – not only physical, but also operational. It was necessary to intensify intelligence work in the border areas to identify persons illegally crossing the state border.

Today we are faced with this again. Therefore, it is necessary to use the full potential of civil society, which could do this.

“SP”: – There is a certain experience – explosions of houses in Moscow, on Kashirka and Varshavka …

– Then the people themselves, without the participation of law enforcement agencies, united in some self-defense units. People were on duty near their houses, excluding the possibility of unauthorized persons entering into attics and basements, and indeed into entrances. This practice needs to be restored.

There is no point in shouting: catastrophe, we are lost! But certain necessary measures must be taken. Today it crashed in the Kursk region, tomorrow in Belgorod or Rostov. All this requires our very serious attention.

“SP”: – You can read Ukrainian troll bloggers who terribly mock not just the Russian authorities, but literally ordinary residents of the Kursk region, in which an unpleasant incident happened. And also over the inhabitants of other border regions. In Ukraine, explosions on Russian territory are very popular with many people.

– Naturally. This is also an element of the information war, which comes not from above, but from below. In our country, very often the most effective information, disinformation, and certain kinds of propaganda actions come from below. People know how to scoff, like to be spiteful, turn everything inside out. The modern technologies that we have allow them to make fakes from scratch. And many follow them. In general, gossip is one of the most powerful sources of information.

Only those who are capable of elementary analysis, who can think, can check all this. And a significant part of people simply take rumors for objectivity.

One of these trolls in pure Russian rejoices on the Internet that “they tried to blow it up three times, but the explosions were not powerful enough, apparently they didn’t put enough TNT. And finally, the Kursk NPP, in his words, “limped six legs at once.” And by the way, the share of the Kursk nuclear power plant in the capacity of all power plants in the Chernozem region is more than half. It provides electricity to most industrial enterprises of the region and is the most important node of the country’s unified energy system.

And the distance to the satellite city of Kurchatov is four kilometers. To the regional center, Kursk – 40 km, approximately three times closer than from Chernobyl to Kyiv. The Kursk station uses channel boiling-type reactors with a graphite moderator and a water coolant. After the Chernobyl accident, plans for the construction of such power units at new sites were curtailed. Now the Kursk NPP-2 is being built with a new water-cooled power reactor of the “three +” generation. It meets all modern safety requirements.

There have already been acts of sabotage in the Kursk region. In May, a railway bridge on a secondary road partially collapsed. There were no casualties – a branch for freight trains. This was announced by the Governor Roman Starovoit. They also detained a local resident who was preparing explosions in crowded places. He acted in coordination with the special services of Ukraine, who dream of destabilization in our country or at least in the region. Now the saboteurs have set their sights on our nuclear power plant.

How to name the ship, so it will sail, and the same with the events in Ukraine. They called them “a special operation for denazification and demilitarization,” they said that we are fighting the Kyiv regime, and not the people of Ukraine, and in principle, that’s how it is. But in the most independent, and around it, they are fighting with the Russians, and not just with the Russians, but specifically with the Belgorod, Kuryan and Rostov residents. Quite a fair amount of idiotic commentators in pure Russian transparently hint at “terrible revenge” to ordinary people.

Behind the sabotage are the Ukrainian special services and not only. Alas, it is probably impossible to completely avoid them. But you can whistle them to a minimum. Probably, it is really time to equate the structures that are involved in terror with terrorist organizations – all these SBU and the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

It is necessary to strengthen control at the checkpoints from the Ukrainian side and the protection of objects. After all, the nearest checkpoint Krupets on the border with the Sumy region of Ukraine is not very reminiscent of the border. It was also fired upon two months ago, on June 15.

In general, the state border between the Sumy region of Ukraine and the Kursk region of Russia is still more like an administrative one. In some places, it passes through the forest belts and it is not very difficult to transfer dangerous goods through it at night. Suppose a car with a part of saboteurs – proceeded through the checkpoint Krupets or another – empty and clean. And somewhere at the side of the road, she stopped and loaded explosives into her, which they dragged a couple of kilometers on her back. Nobody noticed.

And at the time of writing this article, no information about the explosions appeared on the official website of the Kurchatov region. As well as no calls for residents to be vigilant.

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