Sep 15, 2022
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Experts told about a new method of fraud


The scammers started calling twice to scare the victim.

It became known about a new and very effective fraud scheme implemented in Russia. She has two stages, and just on the second – the future victim has practically no chance of avoiding deception.

According to Post Bank, scammers call a person twice. The first time they report that the subscriber has been pre-approved for a loan. Such advertising calls, by the way, are actually made by financial institutions. Therefore, it is difficult to suspect some kind of trick. But after a while, the attackers call again and thank you for issuing that same loan, asking you to evaluate the level of service. And here people are very frightened, they begin to panic and are ready to commit any, even the most strange actions.

The frightened client mentally links the two events and realizes that someone has fraudulently issued a loan in his name. The person starts to panic. Further, the scheme develops according to the usual scenario: the victim claims that he did not apply for a loan. Then the call is switched ostensibly to the security service or the police, who ask for help in the investigation and capture of fraudsters.“, the employees of the organization explained.

It comes to the point that the deceived client is still persuaded to take a loan. Allegedly in order to secure funds. The money is asked to be transferred to another organization, as if there is a safe account there. Is it necessary to say that any amounts disappear from there at a great speed and without any traces whatsoever?!

Experts say that such a two-stage scheme is very effective. Citizens fall into the so-called sequence trap. In order not to fall for the hook of intruders, they say in the Central Bank, you must definitely take a break in the conversation and call your bank in person to make sure that someone has really issued a loan. This method of protection works not only in this scheme, but in general in any other. The regulator also advises never to share personal data, bank card details, secret words and SMS codes with anyone.

If you receive a suspicious phone call, immediately end the conversation, and if you have any doubts about the safety of money in your account, call the bank yourself at the number indicated on the back of the card or on the official website of the bank”, – give the recommendations of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation “Izvestia”.

Earlier, experts spoke about another scheme in which bank customers are encouraged to verify their phone number by naming a special confirmation code from SMS. If the victim refuses, they start calling from other numbers, specifying why the conversation stopped. Naturally, after voicing the numbers, the money disappears from the account.

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