Sep 14, 2020
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Experts spoke about the consequences of the law on pharmacies

The pharmaceuticals trade should be revitalized with a new pharmacy law. According to its authors, the amendments will reduce the cost of drugs due to greater competition in the market.

how reports OTR, the State Duma has prepared a new bill on pharmacies, which will prohibit the opening of several outlets in small settlements. Yuri Krestinsky, Chairman of the Expert Council of the Institute for Public Health Development, commented on the provisions of the law, noting that prices are not set by the network owners and therefore such restrictive measures will not have an effect.

Distributors are mainly logistics partners of the industry and do not influence the pricing policy as such, - the TV channel quotes him.

Krestinsky also noted that, in general, the problem is not in distributors or pharmacies, but in the fact that drug provision is not a part of medicine and not a part of health care, but is in the commercial sphere. In his opinion, the situation could be corrected by drug provision within the framework of the compulsory medical insurance.

As wrote, the new project of SanPiN to provide services to the population could permanently expel pharmacies from residential buildings. The draft was prepared by Rospotrebnadzor, it contains new requirements for pharmacies, which have already received a negative assessment.

So, according to the new sanitary rules, if pharmacies use freight transport to deliver goods, they must organize a special site for it. However, it is immediately indicated that this cannot be done under the windows of a residential building. Representatives of pharmacy chains are confident that the new requirements may lead to their closure or provoke a rise in prices for medicines.

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