Jan 7, 2022
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Experts named ten Russian cities with potential for real estate investment

Investments in real estate will continue to be profitable in 2022, but when buying apartments, you should pay attention to transport accessibility and infrastructure development. Experts told RBC in which cities it is profitable to purchase housing.

Analysts advise buying apartments in cities where the housing market is developed, active construction is underway, and there is a constant demand for real estate. It is desirable that the city be attractive to tourists. Dmitry Alekseev, head of primary and suburban real estate at the Avito Real Estate service, believes that apart from Moscow and St. Petersburg, housing is worth buying in southern Russia.

Investments in real estate in Kaliningrad will also be profitable – the region is one of the most popular destinations for domestic tourism. There is a free trade zone and tax incentives in the Kaliningrad region. In 2021, the cost of housing there increased by 40%. Price for 1 sq. m. of housing is relatively low – an average of 100 thousand rubles.

“Kaliningrad will retain its investment attractiveness next year. Growth factors will remain: proximity to Europe, mild climate and sea, rapid development of the region, ”said Vyacheslav Smirnov, General Director of Miel in Kaliningrad.

Buying real estate in Samara attracts attention by the affordability of prices for new buildings (1 sq. M. 77 thousand rubles). Head of CIAN. Analysts ”Aleksey Popov noted that the cost of housing in Samara is lower than in other cities with a population of over one million.

Experts advise buying real estate in Yekaterinburg, as it is a large industrial and logistics center. There are many migrants and students in the city, so there is always a great demand for rental housing. Cost of 1 sq. m. of housing in the primary market – 100 thousand rubles.

Tyumen is a promising city for real estate investment, as it will soon become a city with a population of one million. The cost of housing there is constantly growing due to the constant influx of migrants from the north.

Analysts advise buying housing in Tuapse, Gelendzhik and Novorossiysk – prices there have not increased as much as in Sochi. The cities are attractive to tourists. Cost of 1 sq. m. in new buildings in Tuapse is 200-250 thousand rubles (in Sochi – 300 thousand rubles). A square of secondary housing in Gelendzhik costs 197.8 thousand rubles, in Novorossiysk – 119 thousand rubles, in Tuapse – 99.4 thousand rubles.

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