Oct 13, 2020
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Experts identified five stages of consumption during a pandemic in Russia

Experts have identified five stages of changes in the consumption habits of Russians during the coronavirus pandemic, writes RIA Novosti with reference to the study "Russian consumers - a new reality" (authors - The Boston Consulting Group and Romir).

The first stage occurred in January-March, when the disease had not yet penetrated the country and seemed to be an external problem. Nevertheless, the government then created a plan to control the development of the pandemic, but it was not required to introduce quarantine measures to contain it, the report says.

Experts call the second stage "Flash and purchase for future use", it was in March-May, when non-working days were introduced in Russia. Due to increased demand, stores did not have time to replenish stocks, but at the same time they began to increase the capacity of online stores and delivery services.

The stabilization period lasted from May to June. Consumers have already adapted to the new shopping pattern, and businesses have adapted to the new reality.

The fourth stage - June-September - is a recovery: after the quarantine was lifted, Russians tried to catch up and make purchases in all main categories, as well as actively visit catering establishments.

To date, experts identify the fifth stage, which is called "New reality - what lies ahead?" Russians, fearing a second wave of coronavirus, are avoiding unnecessary travel and partially switching to remote work. Businesses are trying to digitalize supply and delivery.

On the whole, as the authors of the study note, Russians quickly adapt to changes and rebuild their consumption habits.

Earlier it was reported that during the pandemic, the number of unemployed women is growing worldwide. According to experts, this trend is due to the fact that traditionally “female” areas of work, such as the service sector and retail trade, were the most affected by the restrictions.

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