Sep 10, 2022
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Experts criticize the opposition for calling for a boycott of electronic voting

The opposition once again calls on its supporters to boycott remote electronic voting (DEG) in Moscow. Experts are sure that this is a strategic mistake of the opposition candidates, which will inevitably lead them to defeat in the elections of municipal deputies.

Calls for a boycott of electronic voting were already heard last year at the elections of deputies of the State Duma. This led to the fact that a million votes from the DEG were added to the results from the polling stations. As a result, candidates from the team of the mayor of the capital, Sergei Sobyanin, easily outperformed their opponents.

The opposition has not learned anything and continues to step on the same rake, the respondents believe ““experts. Opposition supporters will go to the polls on the last day, and those who support pro-government candidates can cast their vote within three days. At the same time, the turnout among Internet voters is much higher, political scientists noted.

The call to vote only at the polling stations is a strategic mistake of the opposition, I’m sure General Director of the Institute of Regional Problems Dmitry Zhuravlev. This is how opposition candidates determine their defeat, he said.

“With its calls to boycott the DEG, the opposition cuts off a significant part of the voters who could speak for it. Yesterday, the first day of elections was held in Moscow, about 1.6 million people voted through the DEG – three-quarters of the voters. This means that purely by arithmetic, the opposition receives about 300 thousand votes,” the expert shared his opinion.

In addition, calls for a boycott of the DEG repel a significant part of the youth from the opposition, the political scientist said. “In the universities where I teach, there are pro-government students, there are opposition-minded students, but they are all children of the computer. .

The political scientist also drew attention to the fact that the elections in Moscow coincided with the City Day. By boycotting electronic voting, the opposition puts people before a choice – go to vote at the polling station or celebrate City Day. Thanks to the adoption of the DEG, pro-government candidates do not pose such a problem to their voters, the expert said.

According to Kalachev, the opposition, in principle, is not going to win the elections, its goal is to fight the authorities, and not fight for votes.

“A priori doubting the honesty of remote voting, the opposition signs its defeat. Successful candidates objectively do not need such statements, and those who are not going to win are trying to devalue someone else’s victory,” the political scientist added.

The calls of the opposition were criticized and Director General of the Agency for Political and Economic Communication Dmitry Orlov.

“A significant, perhaps most of the opposition electorate in Moscow is the intelligentsia, students, freelancers and workers in the creative industries. Undoubtedly, such voters prefer to vote remotely. Therefore, “remote” mobilization should prevail,” the expert comments.

Analysts believe that the boycott of the DEG announced by the opposition will lead to a crushing defeat of its candidates. Even if on the last day of voting at the polling stations the struggle among the remaining 400-450 thousand voters will go on equal terms, the opposition still has no chance, given the expected indicators of electronic voting.

“It can be predicted that the mobilization of the opposition exclusively to the polling stations will lead to a significant weakening of support for opposition parties,” Orlov stated.

Muscovites from 9 to 11 September will elect municipal deputies. Voting is going on in all districts, except for Shchukin and most of the TiNAO.


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