Oct 17, 2020
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Expert on Lukashenka’s negotiations with the opposition: There will be no real dialogue – only imitation

Lukashenka creates imitation of dialogue with protesters. In fact, the politician is not ready to make concessions, experts are convinced.

After publications in the press that Lukashenka held talks with members of the Coordination Council in the pre-trial detention center, the riot police began to beat the protesters with renewed vigor. Experts attribute this to the fact that Lukashenka's plans to release opponents from prison in exchange for loyalty failed.

Vsevolod Shimov, Candidate of Political Science, spoke about the prospects for the Belarusian people in the foreseeable future. According to the expert, the actions of the security forces no longer frighten, but anger citizens even more.

The fact is that people are used to the violence and pressure of the totalitarian machine. Batka has less and less leverage on the people.

Shimov fears that the confrontation between people and riot police may develop into a city guerrilla. The specialist explained this by the fact that in recent months the ability of Belarusians to organize themselves has greatly increased.

In addition, the political scientist noted that Lukashenka is ready for a dialogue with the opposition only on his own terms. According to the expert, there will be no real equilateral negotiations, only their imitation is possible, reports the "" edition.

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