Dec 27, 2020
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Expert: Lukashenka shouldn’t expect anything good from Moscow because of the unfulfilled agreement

The Russian government recently approved a $ 1 billion loan to Belarus. Half of this amount will be provided to Minsk by the end of 2020, and the rest next year. This issue can be considered resolved, but one more remains. Until now, a contract has not been concluded for the supply of Russian oil and gas to the republic in 2021.

According to Doctor of Economics Boris Zheliba, half a billion dollars is now very useful for Belarus. For a country with big economic problems, this is a very significant amount. The expert noted that many enterprises have suffered from the crisis and cannot maintain the production level.

As for the negotiations on gas supplies, they will continue until December 31 inclusive, the economist suggested. In his opinion, Russia will not agree to a price that is much lower than the current one ($ 127 per thousand cubic meters of gas).

Speaking about oil supplies, Zheliba noted: prices fluctuate noticeably on the world market. However, one should not expect a significant rise in the price of this resource. According to the expert, the pandemic has affected the entire planet, there will be no high demand for oil.

The political agenda may affect the negotiations between Moscow and Minsk, the doctor of economic sciences suggested. He recalled the meeting between Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin. They say the Russian president asked his Belarusian counterpart to carry out a constitutional reform. “Lukashenka does not comply with the agreement. Therefore, I do not expect anything good from Moscow,” the expert summed up.


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