Aug 29, 2021
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Expert: Germany and Europe need all the power "Nord Stream – 2"

As political analyst Yuri Golub said, Germany and Europe need the entire capacity of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, because the survival of their economies depends on it.

German business has proved that it is ready to fight for its interests, including the Nord Stream 2 project. RIA FAN was told about this by political analyst Yuri Golub.

According to him, the political and economic decision has already been made. The Germans and Europeans need a new gas pipeline on which the competitiveness of the German and EU economies in the world market depends.

Recently, the Dusseldorf court did not begin to withdraw Nord Stream 2 from the norms of the updated EU gas directive. However, Dove is confident that legal professionals will be able to reconcile common sense and perversions of the legal system.

“If the task is to implement the project in full, you can find a way to get around the legal nuances,” the expert added.

As political scientist Vasily Stoyakin told TV channel 360 earlier, even after the launch of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, there will be a shortage of transit capacities, which must be compensated. But Gazprom refused to conclude long-term agreements.

“Moscow is raising the stakes for its part. The rise in these rates is taken into account in Berlin, possibly in Kiev,” the expert explained.

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