Sep 3, 2021
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Exit fees: why more than half of US voters want Biden’s resignation

More than 50% of US voters believe President Joe Biden should resign or be impeached because of the way the US withdrawal from Afghanistan proceeded. This is evidenced by the results of the Rasmussen Reports survey. Most of the respondents who expressed this point of view are Republicans, but among those dissatisfied with Biden there are both independent voters and supporters of the Democratic Party. Experts note that Biden will not leave the post of head of state voluntarily, but the Republican Party will use the failure of his administration in Afghanistan to undermine the position of Democrats in the upcoming midterm congressional elections.

More than half of American voters believe that President Joe Biden should either resign voluntarily or be impeached because of his administration’s actions in Afghanistan. This is evidenced by the results of a survey by the sociological company Rasmussen Reports, which was conducted in the United States on August 30 and 31 – in the last days of the presence of the American military in Afghanistan.

According to the study, 52% of American voters (75% of Republicans, 48% of independents, and 32% of Democrats) believe that Biden should resign. 39% of the respondents disagree with this and 9% were undecided about the answer.

At the same time, 60% of respondents said that Biden should be removed from power through impeachment – 83% of Republicans, 58% of independent voters and 40% of Democrats agreed with this position.

According to another poll by Rasmussen Reports, 62% of voters believe that Congress should investigate the circumstances of the withdrawal of the American group from Afghanistan, 28% are against this measure and 10% are undecided about the answer.

Let us recall that the decision to withdraw all American troops from Afghanistan by August 31 and the hasty evacuation provoked the offensive of the Taliban * militants on the forces of the pro-American government of the country. Having occupied vast areas in the countryside, the Taliban began to take over major cities and administrative centers.

Biden and representatives of his administration said that the Afghan government had the strength and means to retain power, but on August 15 the Taliban entered Kabul without a fight and announced that they were establishing control over the entire country. President Ashraf Ghani fled the country.

Evacuation from Kabul

After the seizure of Kabul, the United States and a number of other countries began an emergency evacuation of their citizens, as well as Afghans who collaborated with the West. At the same time, the American military left their largest airbase – Bagram airfield – in early July. At the same time, the Taliban took control of the country’s borders and checkpoints. As a result, it was only possible to leave Afghanistan by plane, taking off from the Kabul airport.

This led to the fact that the airport began to besiege thousands of Afghans who wanted to leave the country, who collaborated with the government, the US army and the international coalition. Shocking videos appeared on social networks of people running down the runway clinging to the skin and landing gear of American military aircraft leaving Kabul.

On August 26, a terrorist attack took place at the airport in the Afghan capital, which killed more than 170 people, including 13 American soldiers. The Afghan branch of the Islamic State ** claimed responsibility for the attack.

Despite a barrage of criticism at home and abroad, President Joe Biden on August 31 – the day the last American troops left Kabul – called the US troop withdrawal and evacuation a successful mission.

However, this assessment was not accepted by the Republican Party. More than 20 congressmen on August 31 prepared a resolution calling on Biden to resign.

“President Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan is an absolute disaster. His decision to abandon military facilities and assets and withdraw US troops before the necessary evacuation of Americans and allies is complete will be remembered as perhaps the biggest and most striking foreign policy error in our history, ”said Congressman Mike Johnson.

The authors of the resolution also called for the resignation of the head of the Pentagon Lloyd Austin and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Millie.

In turn, Republican Senators Marco Rubio, Roy Blunt, and Ben Sass of the Intelligence Committee sent Biden a critical letter. In it, they stated that the actions of his administration demonstrate “an absolute lack of understanding of the dynamics of the conflict” and led to a disastrous end for Washington’s 20-year stay in the country.

Senators stressed that the rapid seizure of power by the Taliban, which Biden and his team had denied for several months, was “completely predictable and preventable.”

“Many in Congress have expressed this warning for months, which means that neither you nor your advisers should have been surprised by the results of your decision to hasty withdrawal of troops, as a result of which our Afghan partners and allies around the world were abandoned,” senators.

The authors of the letter added that the Taliban were able to suppress government forces due to the fact that the US military stopped their air support. According to them, America’s “opponents” are now using this failure to “convey to the whole world that the United States is an unreliable partner.”

Party line

Former US President Donald Trump also criticized Biden. Earlier, he stated that his administration allegedly left a certain plan for the democrat, following which the incident would have been avoided. Upon completion of the evacuation, Trump said that Biden should apologize to the whole world.

“He is obliged to apologize. I believe that it is best for him to apologize to the American people and to the world. Many people helped us in Afghanistan – in the end we left, and everyone else had to leave with us, and the whole world deserves an apology here, ”Trump said on Fox Business.

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The ex-president noted that these events dealt a serious blow to the reputation of the United States.

“Our allies will no longer perceive us as before. They have lost respect for our country to an enormous, absolutely incredible extent. I can imagine how the generals feel. All our soldiers were humiliated. Our country was humiliated by the way they left there. The withdrawal was a disaster, and it looked like … and not what it looked like, but it was: they told us to get out. They appointed us a date – that’s all, ”Donald Trump complained.

The results of the Rasmussen Reports polls, on the whole, adequately reflect the mood of Americans on the situation in Afghanistan, says Yuri Rogulyov, director of the Franklin Roosevelt Foundation for the Study of the United States at Moscow State University. At the same time, Biden’s voluntary departure or his removal from power is unlikely, the expert added.

“Biden himself will not resign, and the Democrats will not allow impeachment. Given that the Democratic Party has a majority in Congress, they will do their best to oppose this. If the impeachment takes place, it will be a blow not only to Biden, but also to the Democratic Party, which is preparing for the mid-term congressional elections, “the interlocutor of RT explained.

At the same time, the political opponents of the Democrats will try to extract as much benefit from this situation as possible, Rogulyov added.

“The Republicans are making the most of this situation. Now the voters will have a fixed point of view that the Republican Party is much better at solving such issues, as a result of which it will have more supporters. However, the topic of Afghanistan will not constantly cause a stir in the media, and as a result, by the next presidential election, the US economy and the epidemiological situation in the country will be the determining factors. If Biden successfully tackles these issues, the failure of Afghanistan will not greatly affect his chances, although, of course, this stain will remain on his political activities, ”the expert said.

In turn, the American political scientist Malek Dudakov, in a conversation with RT, said that Biden’s ratings are falling everywhere in all respects.

“Of course, Biden’s rating is falling, and this is due to the fact that more and more Americans understand that he cannot be a successful president, because he has obvious problems in order to govern the country. In addition, the failure in Afghanistan was remembered for the fact that Biden hid for several days and did not go out in public. This, of course, hit his rating hard, ”the expert emphasized.

Now, resigning for Biden would mean further undermining his image and the reputation of the party, Dudakov added, so the US president claims that the evacuation from Afghanistan was successful.

“Biden will not leave the presidency voluntarily. But, if serious health problems arise, he will, of course, leave. I expect that he will serve out his first term, but he is unlikely to be elected for the second one. It is unlikely that Biden will be impeached, especially since the Democrats have a majority in Congress and, accordingly, they will not launch this procedure. However, this situation and Biden’s low ratings will undoubtedly hit the Democrats in the upcoming midterm congressional elections in November 2022, ”the expert concluded.

* “Taliban” – the organization was recognized as terrorist by the decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation of 02/14/2003.

** “Islamic State” (IS, ISIS) – the organization was recognized as terrorist by the decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation of December 29, 2014.

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