Nov 6, 2021
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Exhausted by a showdown with ex-husband Gagarin spotted at a resort with a new lover

Artist Polina Gagarina enjoys the sun and the sea away from the hassle.

Singer Polina Gagarina is enjoying her vacation in the United Arab Emirates. The celebrity went to the resort with her children, Andrei and Mia.

On the eve of Gagarin and her children, they attended an open-air concert held as part of the PARUS festival. From the stage, the audience was entertained by rapper Basta and singer Diana Arbenina. According to eyewitnesses, Polina Gagarina appeared in the VIP box not only with children – the family was accompanied by sound producer Vladimir Chinyaev.

Note that rumors about the novel of Chinyayev and Gagarina have been circulating since the past, 2020. Meanwhile, the vocalist and sound producer did not officially announce their relationship. Now there is no doubt about the non-working connection of Polina and Vladimir: the couple is no longer hiding and appears at public events.

Note that in Moscow, Polina Gagarina will face litigation with her ex-husband, photographer Dmitry Iskhakov. The ex-husband claims that the vocalist forbids him to meet with his daughter Mia. Iskhakov demands that Themis defend her rights.

The next meeting was scheduled for November 3, but due to coronavirus restrictions it was postponed to December. Taking advantage of the wire, exhausted by the showdown, Gagarin was wounded on vacation. Iskhakov, meanwhile, decided to go to the world. Dmitry is ready to sit down at the negotiating table before the next trial.

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