Mar 30, 2021
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Exercises from Vanga, which attract money

Exercises from Vanga, which attract money

Vanga was not only a soothsayer, but also possessed knowledge in the field of bioenergy. She gave advice to people on how to attract pennies into their lives. Actually, these tips will be discussed in this article.

Previously, experts have already represented us with Vanga’s advice on happiness for every day. Now is the time to delve deeper into the topic of money and success. There are three simple exercises that will dramatically increase your luck at work, in business, and attract pennies. They are quite simple and perfectly complement the buddy of the buddy.

It is done every time you walk into the mirror. The devil is that the mirror depicts a magical object emitting powerful streams of energy. Vanga advises not to talk bad things in front of the mirror, not to wish anyone evil, not to call names or curse anyone.

Every one, when you look in the mirror, try to do the following. Inhale absolutely and exhale slowly, calm down. Look into your eyes, and then close them and say aloud or to yourself: “The Universe, I am addressing you. Reward me with talent, save and increase my luck. Support me to succeed in my endeavors, because I deserve it. “

Choose a coin that you will make an amulet. It is harmless that it was an unusual coin with some kind of distinctive mark. It must be carried with you every day in your wallet or in your pocket. Each one before going to bed, take it out, squeeze it in your palms and read the conspiracy: “There is no more amulet in the world. He helps me to achieve my rounder ones without cheating. I am resting, and he continues to work. Monday, Tuesday and even Saturday. “

In the morning, immediately after waking up, first of all we take our amulet into our hands, and then we say: “Give me money, give me strength to avoid financial ruin.” Every day the amulet will be more and more powerful.

The third exercise from Vanga helps to more quickly covet any life rounder, including financial ones. If you have any lust, take a drip sheet and write it down on it. Then take a church candle, light it. Bring a piece of paper to a flame and light it.

At that moment, when the piece of paper ignites, say the conspiracy: “What I guess, let it blow. What I want, let it happen. My crushing fortune will fill. Everything you wish will happen soon. ” Speak until the piece of paper burns out. Then blow the ashes into the wind and say “so be it.”

Check out also Vanga’s simple conspiracies for money and luck. The soothsayer informed you what words can attract what you want into your life. Use them and do not forget to thank the Universe for what it gives you.

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