Jan 29, 2021
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Exchanges have closed, but deals are possible. Broker VTB extended trading until 2 am

Tesla shares dropped 7% yesterday in post-trading, that is, after the end of the main trading sessions of the US exchanges. Could Russian investors react to this if the exchanges have already closed for them?

Actually, not only Tesla, but also many other US companies (mainly headquartered on the West Coast, including Silicon Valley) publish their results after the close of trading on the New York Stock Exchange, that is, after 0: 00 Moscow time Until now, in order to react to this news, Russian investors had to wait for the next day, the resumption of trading in the United States and probable gaps (price gaps), which could lead to a partial loss of funds.

However, now one of the largest domestic brokers, VTB Capital Investments, has added to its application the functionality of extended trading for American securities on the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange until 02.00 Moscow time. The option is also available in the personal account on the broker’s website and in QUIK. Thus, the company’s clients are provided with the longest trading session on the market. They can make transactions within 16 hours: from 10 am to 2 am.

This means that they are now on an equal footing with the American players. They can quickly respond to important events in Europe and America – the release of statistics, corporate reports, statements by newsmakers. And immediately act out the results of such events by buying or selling securities.

“We strive to make sure that our customers have all the markets of the world at their fingertips at any time,” explained Chief Executive Officer of VTB Capital Investments, Senior Vice President of VTB Vladimir Potapov… – Expanding the time range for making transactions is another important step along this path. Now, according to this parameter, our clients are in the same conditions as American investors. ”

According to him, VTB’s My Investments mobile application has access to more than 10 thousand instruments on 33 exchanges around the world, as well as through OTC transactions. In addition, the company provides high-quality expertise and analytics, generates investment ideas, including those on foreign securities.


VTB Capital Investments has been providing products focused on the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange since 2019. The turnover of the company’s clients on this exchange now reaches more than 30 billion rubles a day. More than 250 thousand people use the company’s application every day. The monthly turnover of transactions made exceeds 1 trillion rubles.

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