May 15, 2020
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Exchange Rates. Dollar and euro on Monday will become cheaper

The National Bank of Ukraine on Monday, 17 May, set the official hryvnia rate to the US dollar at 25. 35 UAH / $. This is evidenced by data on the regulator's website . The dollar depreciated by 4 kopecks compared to the previous banking day.

The official euro rate 16 May is 28. 71 UAH / € . Accordingly, the euro fell by 2 cents. The European currency continues to trade below the psychological mark 27 UAH Euro.

Thus, the adoption of banking law by the Verkhovna Rada, which lit a green light for the country to receive macro-financial support from the IMF, continues to have a positive effect on the exchange rate of the national currency. Since then, the hryvnia has been strengthening, and it will start a new week, having again risen in price against the main world currencies.

12 - 15 May, the following courses were officially operational: 24. 66 UAH / $ and 26. 76 UAH / €.

09 May the following courses were officially operational: 24 . 67 UAH / $ and .). UAH / €.

12 May the following courses were officially operational: 25. 78 UAH / $ and 29. 01 UAH / €.

09 May the following courses were officially operational: 25. 79 UAH / $ and 27. 01 UAH / €.

Before it was like this. On February 3 2020, the official rate of the American currency was 24. hryvnia - bar "dollar by 24 "was taken. 14 January dollar overcame the previous psychological mark in 17 UAH) Thus, in total 14 days it took to the dollar went up by exactly 1 hryvnia. If you look in this perspective, the hryvnia’s affairs are not so bad: with 24 to 24 for the dollar, the Ukrainian currency fell almost a month and a half .

And here is the interval from 24 to 24 the dollar did not notice at all - it slipped in two days and began to cost more 25 hryvnia per dollar 17 March). Then 17 March dollar soared above the bar 27 hryvnia, and returned to the coast a month and a half.

What happened before

At the end of March (namely March), the US currency updated the bar of the highest rate in 2020 year, reaching the level of 27.) 17 UAH / $. In the period 2019 - 2020, only in January 2019 the year the dollar once exceeded this figure. 02 January) 2019 of the year the dollar was 26. 25 UAH dollar. The official euro exchange rate 28 for March was 30. 81 UAH / €.

Then the swing began, but the hryvnia was mainly increasing. At the same time, from 28 on March 1, the dollar fell in price to 44 penny compared to the previous day, and the euro on this day fell in price by 71 a penny. Record strengthening of the Ukrainian currency: such successes as the hryvnia did not do on the first day of April this year.

What were the lowest hryvnia rates in the foreseeable past relative to the main currencies in the official rates of the NBU? US dollar 24 February 2015 the year was worth 28. UAH) Euro set its record 24 January 2018 of the year - 35.66 UAH.


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