Aug 5, 2022
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“Exchange Fund”: Kyiv is preparing a trap for “Muscovites”

"Exchange Fund": Kyiv is preparing a trap for "Muscovites"

Photo: AP/TASS

The fact that Ukrainian armed formations use civilians as a “human shield” in combat operations is far from new. This obvious fact was unexpectedly acknowledged even by Western human rights activists from Amnesty International.

But the “inventiveness” of the Kyiv regime, which has long forgotten about the law and morality, apparently has no boundaries. Now they are going to take hostages the Russian citizens who remain in the “square” – as they say, to “replenish the exchange fund.” The corresponding plan, developed by the Main Directorate of Intelligence (GUR) of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, has already been submitted for approval to the presidential office Zelenskyreports one of the Ukrainian telegram channels” with reference to its sources in the OP.

Its authors note that “before the start of the war, various specialists from Russian financial structures constantly visited Ukraine, who controlled the work of companies, most of them were not allowed out of the country by our special services.”

The GUR considers these people “an ideal exchange fund.” And they propose to use them “to put pressure on the Kremlin.”

If this is not open state terrorism, then what is? The only question is, in whose sick head this cannibalistic plan originated.

Recall that recently a representative of the Ukrainian military intelligence Vadim Skibitsky actually confirmed in an interview with the Telegraph that his office works in “close contact” with the US and British intelligence services. Moreover, they work so closely that the Armed Forces of Ukraine even coordinate strikes from Lend-Lease HIMARS against the Donbass with the Americans.

There is a significant likelihood that the idea of ​​an “exchange fund” was thrown to the Ukrainians by its Western curators.

However, here, probably, one must also take into account the personal “great talents” of the current head of the GUR, a 36-year-old general Kirill Budanov. Recently, for example, on Ukrainian television, he made the discovery that allegedly it was not the President of the Russian Federation who flew to Tehran to meet with the president of Iran and Turkey. Vladimir Putinand his doppelgänger. Like, “if you look closely, they (doubles) have different habits, different mannerisms, different gaits, sometimes even different heights.”

One can imagine what an “eagle” vision the head of the Ukrainian intelligence has, and what a fantasy…

It is no coincidence that “this young kid has so many medals that Brezhnev nervously smokes on the sidelines, ”writes a publicist about Budanov Anatoly Ursida.

But there is more significant information in open sources, against which the heroic image of the Ukrainian general fades and acquires completely different features.

So, according to the results of a psychological study conducted after Budanov completed his studies at OISVU (Odessa Institute of the Ground Forces of Ukraine), he was recognized as a psychologically unstable person. His touchiness and vindictiveness were also noted.

A person with such a set of complexes can indeed be dangerous. Only in the case of Budanov, this is not even a category of probability.

He, for example, according to the publication “Version”, “personally planned the terrorist attacks in Crimea in 2014-2018, supplying the perpetrators with lists of those whom they should have eliminated.” Moreover, witnesses point to Budanov (at that time a major in military intelligence) as one of the participants in a series of murders of “Crimean Tatar activists, who later tried to present in Kyiv as the work of” Russian invaders “”.

The operation of the Ukrainian special services to kidnap in the Moscow region two years ago one of the leaders of the Donbass militia (they wanted to secretly bring the man to Ukraine and judge him as a “separatist”), by the way, was also developed and personally controlled by the head of the Ukrainian military intelligence Budanov. True, operational officers of the FSB of the Russian Federation did not allow these plans to come true.

In other words, this character is not a simple provocateur with an unstable psyche, he is a cruel, treacherous and cynical enemy.

In Russia, by the way, Budanov is a defendant in a criminal case. It was initiated by the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation after the interview of the head of Ukrainian military intelligence to the British edition of the Financial Times, in which he threatened terrorist attacks and sabotage on the territory of Russia “and in many other places.”

Well, if the new plans of the chief of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Kyiv authorities will give way, then in Budanov’s criminal dossier, in addition to an article about the threat of a terrorist attack, another one will soon appear – about the taking of hostages.

– The behavior of Ukraine has long been disgusting, – comments on the Kyiv initiative Dean of the Faculty of Media Communications of the Moscow State Institute of Culture, leader of the movement of Russian Ukrainians “Sail”, political scientist Yury Kot. – It seems that every morning they wake up with one thought, what other disgusting thing to come up with, what else is so vile to do in relation to the Russian people that the owner praised.

I think that this initiative, of course, has been coordinated with Washington. But it belongs, most likely, to local, Ukrainian Nazis, who today head the Main Intelligence Directorate, the Security Service of Ukraine, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and also manage the office of President Zelensky. There, everyone is smeared with one world. And I am more than sure that what is now voiced is already happening.

All these years they destroyed everything Russian, first in themselves, and then around them.

If a person belongs to the Russian people or identifies himself as part of the Russian civilization (it doesn’t matter if he is a Chuvash, Yakut, German or Greek), he is already under the gun of a terrorist entity that operates under the guise of the Ukrainian state.

And here we must understand that our people there are really in danger, because they all retain the potential to replenish the hostage fund. Therefore, definitely, if I were them, I would think about the possibility of leaving the territory of Ukraine.

The problem is that Ukraine, as you know, has already restricted the movement of any citizens across its borders, not only its own. First of all, male. That is, in fact, all these people are already held hostage there. But, and then, if the authorities approve the idea, it will already be done at the official level. To replenish the so-called “exchange fund”, so that they, who were captured by us Nazis, who came with weapons in their hands to kill Russians in the Donbass, could be exchanged for civilians. People of peaceful professions who simply lived, worked and even often took part in projects that replenished the budget of the Ukrainian state.

Ukraine now operates on the principle of “burnt down the barn – burn down and hut.” There is no economy, no enterprises. Therefore, the only way to pull out a tuft of wool from this “black sheep” is, of course, to terrorize, to take Russian people hostage. To then bargain for some bloody profits.

“SP”: – Are all these people healthy, in general? What makes them rush headlong into all serious?

– They definitely do not suffer from the syndrome of truth, justice, humanity. Nothing humane in the Ukrainian government and in those who directly or indirectly belong to it is not worth looking for. These are absolutely degraded moral freaks who live in completely different, more reflexive values ​​and instincts. Moreover, their instincts do not even work on the principle of self-preservation. Their instincts work according to the principle – “power and money.” And besides that, they don’t need anything.

I don’t even know what to call them. Possessed – no other way. Believers will understand me.

For them, killing children, shelling civilians with American shells is considered the norm. At the same time, they also mock, saying that it is allegedly they are shelling themselves.

And the West covers it all. Supports, funds and provides weapons. This is how it is, this European dream about the Western world, for which the Ukrainian “patriots” galloped on the Maidan. You can kill with impunity, the main thing is that you have money and power.

All the rest is unimportant. It doesn’t matter that you’re doing cannibalistic acts, it doesn’t matter that you are, in fact, acting like a terrorist. The main thing is that this terror should not be directed against you and your family.

Probably, this is how they justify themselves – they say they wanted a better life for them, for their children. But this is the justification of the traitor Judas for thirty pieces of silver. He still ended badly. And bad fate awaits them.

In any case, everyone should understand that Russia will fulfill all the tasks set within the framework of the liberation operation for denazification and demilitarization. Because Ukraine, in its current form as a Nazi ideological entity, simply has no right to exist. And people in the liberated territories will again remember that they are Russians.

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