Aug 15, 2022
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Excessive thinness of Catherine Barnabas worries fans


The nutritionist told why the artist Ekaterina Varnava lost so much weight.

Fans of the actress are worried and even frightened by the exhausted appearance of the star. Lately, she looks very emaciated. According to nutritionist Leah Gavasheli, these are the consequences of the decision to drastically lose weight:

Previously, Katya Barnabas was a girl in the body. With what it was connected – it is difficult to say. Perhaps she leaned on alcohol, loved to eat well. Perhaps stress has affected the figure in this way.“.

Ekaterina Varnava - photo from the archive -
Ekaterina Varnava – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Having changed her lifestyle and diet, the actress dropped too many kilograms at once, and the nutritionist does not hide her concern about this fact.

This is also considered a metabolic disorder. When a woman has little fat, she has a lack of estrogen – women’s health suffers, the menstrual cycle may be disturbed or disappear altogether”, — quotes the words of Leah Gavasheli edition of “RIA FAN”.

At the same time, Barnabas herself believes that everything is “going according to plan”: the star tells her secrets of losing weight on social networks, adding that she stopped eating not only meat and poultry, but also fish and seafood. In addition, Catherine almost never has dinner.

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