Dec 28, 2020
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Exante reviews about the similarities and differences between a demo account and a multi-account

When working with a Maltese company, a trader can expect effective deals and a wide range of opportunities. Exante is especially suitable for professionals and corporate clients for whom an assortment of positions is important – there are more than 300 thousand of them in the broker’s line, and free contact with large trading floors from different parts of the world – there are more than 50 of them for the company’s clients. The speed of transactions is facilitated by a huge number of working servers – 750 – working in different countries.

Exante reviews about the similarities and differences between a demo account and a multi-account

About the legal field Exante reviews of traders

The pride of the company is four licenses from respected regulators from Hong Kong, Cyprus, the UK and Malta. Permitting documents contribute to the fact that the client can determine the legal field independently. In addition, Cyprus insures deposits of up to 20 thousand euros. Exante customer reviews assure that this is quite enough for the safety of their funds, but the company did not stop there.

Real feedback on Exante and EU directive

If you read Exante’s reviews on how the company fulfills the requirements of the EU directive, it becomes clear that all deposits are completely safe, and traders are not in danger of meeting with scammers. All transactions are completely transparent and freely available to investors and market participants. Accounts are divided into categories, since each of them has its own level of protection.

About the types of Exante accounts customer reviews

You can open two types of accounts on the platform – demo and Live. Both options are available to all registered users, but which of them needs them, and who is better off abandoning one in favor of the other, everyone decides for himself. Please note that:

– virtual credits are credited to the demo account by the broker, and the multi-account must be replenished with real money on your own;

– from demo euro to Exante all transactions will be theoretical, but if they are paid from a multi-account, they will go to the trader’s asset or liability;

– to open a demo deposit, you need to spend a few seconds, since you do not have to collect additional documentation, and a “live” account is opened according to all the rules in order to avoid violations of tax laws;

– for virtual transactions on Exante, traders’ reviews warn that you will have to rely on slightly outdated data, since the update may be delayed for 30+ minutes, but no one will interfere with closing real orders using the actual information!

Also, it should be borne in mind that a multi-account with the ability to automatically convert currencies needs to be replenished by private clients by at least 10 thousand euros upon opening, and corporate clients – in an amount equivalent to 50 thousand euros. All risks of losses and losses fall on the trader, although the broker tries to play it safe by putting forward margin requirements for each trading position individually.

Exante reviews about the similarities and differences between a demo account and a multi-account

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