Apr 9, 2021
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Ex-President of Armenia Kocharyan filed a lawsuit against Pashinyan

Former Armenian leader Robert Kocharian has filed a lawsuit in Yerevan court against Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. The Republic of Armenia is also the defendant, RIA Novosti reports.

Kocharian demands to oblige the head of government to publicly refute the allegations made in his address, as well as to compensate for the non-material damage caused by slander.

As compensation, he demands 2 million drams (more than 3.7 thousand dollars).

The lawsuit was filed because of Pashinyan’s statements at a rally on March 1, when the politician said that on that day in 2008, the Armenian authorities “brought the army out against the people” and in this case “there are defendants” who have already “appeared before the court”.

Last Tuesday, a court in Yerevan dropped the charge against Robert Kocharian for overthrowing the constitutional order in 2008.

The reason for this was the decision of the Constitutional Court of the republic, which recognized the article of the Criminal Code of Armenia “Overthrow of the constitutional order” contrary to the basic law of the country.

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