Oct 5, 2021
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Ex-President: “Moldova has no national project”

“The fact that we are getting involved in geopolitics is a disaster”

“For 30 years of independence of the Republic of Moldova, a deep analysis of the path traveled has not yet been carried out, there is no consensus on the national project. When you start building a house, you first develop a project in order to understand what kind of house you will build, but we haven’t done that, for 30 years we have never discussed what kind of house we are building ”,

– quoted by the newspaper “Moldavskie vedomosti” of the ex-president of the country Peter Lucinsky

Former President: “Moldova has no national project”

In his opinion, the citizens of Moldova feel deceived in their expectations, caused by the “European showcase”, which they have been looking at for all thirty years of the country’s independence, but this “showcase” does not get any closer. In 1991, the Moldovans were absolutely sure that a prosperous life was not far off, it was only necessary to integrate into Europe and everything would work out by itself. However, no one thought about how to make the transition from socialism to capitalism, because no one knew it, the ex-president said. And since there was no knowledge, certain illusions appeared, unjustified expectations, which were replaced by disappointment. Moreover, all this happens with regularity once every four years: new expectations, new promises from the new government, and then all the same disappointments, the politician noted.

It was also a mistake to copy European standards, which were completely unsuitable for the Moldovan reality, the newspaper emphasizes. And he recalls that Moldova has adopted the Czech model of privatization, although it is impossible even to compare the economies of the Czech Republic and Moldova. And after privatization, the country sat and waited for investors to come and start modernizing the Moldovan industry, which was in good condition thirty years ago, besides, there was a working class in Moldova at that time, highly qualified specialists and engineers. However, no one came, time was lost, and today there is no industry or specialists in the country. According to Lucinschi, investors are deterred not so much by corruption as by the instability of governance and too often changing legislation.

“The consistency of power is very important for the country. We change orientation every four years. The fact that we are getting involved in geopolitics is a disaster. We have never had a consistent policy “,

– stated Lucinschi.

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