Apr 1, 2021
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Ex-player of “Amkar” assessed the chances of the Russian national team at Euro 2020

Former Amkar lawyer Alexei Popov spoke about the relationship of fans to the Russian national team and assessed the chances of the national team at Euro 2020.

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“Before the Euro, the sensations and premonitions are the same as before the World Cup: we will crap everything and everything will be awful. All competitors in the group are currently of a higher level than our national team. Therefore, it is very difficult to count on something,” the former said. football player “RB Sport”.

In addition, Popov said that the current fans’ negative attitude towards the national team is associated with the personalities of the main coach and the captain. In his opinion, they are doing a lot of wrong things.

In the March matches, the Russian national team won two victories and suffered one defeat. Cherchesov’s wards beat Malta (3: 1) and Slovenia (2: 1), and in the rest of the game they lost to Slovakia (1: 2).

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