Jan 31, 2021
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Ex-participant of “House 2” Pynzar caught in excessive retouching of photos

Daria Pynzar from “House 2” is no longer the first one to come across the obvious correction of her appearance in the photographs that she posts on social networks. In one of the last pictures, users noticed a funny detail.

Ex-participant of

The former participant of the television project “House 2” and her husband Sergei recently returned from vacation, which they laid in the United States. Upon their return, they went to a party on the occasion of Olga Buzova’s 35th birthday.

Pynzar posted a photo with the birthday girl on her Instagram. As a dress for triumph, Daria chose a dress with open hands and shoulders, as a result, she had to retouch this area in a photo editor.

A similar conclusion was made by Pynzar’s subscribers, who noticed one interesting detail. In the place where Daria resorted to photo correction of the figure, she also changed the shape of the bag strap.

“Even the handle of the bag has floated,” wrote one of the followers.

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