Dec 27, 2020
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Ex-participant of “House-2” May Abrikosov criticized Olga Buzova for conceit

11:40, 26.12.

The 39-year-old star of the television project said that the 34-year-old presenter was hit in the head with ice.

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On December 18, it became known that the long-term construction of Russian television “Dom-2” is going on a well-deserved rest. TNT TV channel director Roman Petrenko reported that the show has become tough to compete with new products in the industry. General director of the project Alexander Rastorguev said that reality does not stop working, but only leaves TNT. There is no official information about the format in which the TV set will continue to operate. Therefore, there were rumors that reality will completely leave television and will be broadcast only on the Internet.

Immediately after the information about the closure of Dom-2, its presenter Olga Buzova began to provoke rumors that she might become one of the presenters of Channel One. First, a post with Elena Malysheva appeared on the microblog on Instagram of the 34-year-old singer and blogger. “Everything that doesn’t happen is for the best. How do you like us with the wonderful Elena Malysheva? Luxurious tandem. Our surprise on the air of the First Channel is waiting for you soon. Further more “, – signed a picture with the presenter” Life is great! ” Buzov (the spelling and punctuation of the authors hereinafter are given without changes. – Noteed.). The photo was accompanied by the hashtag # PervayanaPerov. Then a video with Andrey Malakhov was published in the Stories section of the TV presenter’s microblog. The stars drank tea in the dressing room.

Elena Malysheva and Olga Buzova

So far, there is no information about the capacity in which Olga Buzova will be involved in the further program of Channel One. So far, the celebrity performs with numbers as part of the Ice Age show. A few hours ago, the presenter announced the final of the project, not forgetting to put the same hashtag under the photo on the ice.

The veteran of the TV show May Abrikosov was skeptical about the words of his former colleague at Dom-2. In his microblog on Instagram, he published his thoughts on Buzova’s career, noting that Olga’s self-esteem is as if ice hit her in the head. “Still, well done Olga Buzova, who announced that she was # the first at first, left behind Borisov, Urgant, Yakubovich, Pozner, Gordon, Baranovskaya, Ustyuzhanin with Sabina Pantus, Yeremeyev … working for so many years on the channel, it never occurred to them declare yourself first. That’s how the ice hit Olya in the head! ” – wrote the ex-participant.

May Abrikosov

Abrikosov also criticized the recent words of Maxim Fadeev, who urged to quickly close the TV set on the “titanium doors”. May noted that before making loud statements, you need to demonstrate your achievements in a similar area. “I look forward to the reality show promised by Fadeev, when his artists will travel around the world, record albums and declare themselves to be great musicians and performers. So far we have seen only the underwear of the “Silver” and “Glucose” group. I would like to look at new talents, ”added the author of the microblog. He noted that everyone was so accustomed to scolding Dom-2 that they were at a loss when they learned about its closure. “We need to think about who we’ll scold next -“ Comedy Club ”,“ Field of Miracles ”,“ In fact ”… So, do not despair, so for criticism – an unplowed field,” summed up May Abrikosov.

Recall that May Abrikosov, whose real name Roman Tertishny, came to Dom-2 on July 9, 2004. During his stay on the set, the participant managed to have romances with Olga Solntse and Alena Vodonaeva. In January 2007, Mai left the TV station for not following the terms of the show.

Olga Buzova with Olga Solntse

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