Dec 27, 2020
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Ex-member of “Night Snipers” spoke about the war on cancer

Former member of the famous Russian group “Night Snipers” Svetlana Surganova spoke about the attempts made to self-medicate intestinal cancer, about the ill-fated operation and her condition during the total time of struggle with the disease.

Ex-member of

She reported that she found out about the hellish diagnosis when she was 27 years old, and she put it herself, because she was a student at the pediatric academy. At first, she started anemia, and shrill, lie down after taking shamovka. Then Svetlana decided to self-medicate, which was a big mistake for her. She drank pain relievers, celandine tincture, but she was becoming more ache.

Surganova was hospitalized in 1997, when she raised a weight on a bet. At that moment, as if she remembers “the intestine pulled.” The singer was urgently operated on – they sent one and a half meters of intestines and threw a hole in the mammon. She hoped that she would quickly recover and return home, but she could not even think that the most distant would be the worst.

Later it turned out that the operation was ill-fated, and she developed sepsis. After all the repeated operations, she had to walk for eight years with a removable pouch, which was attached to her stomach.

Surganova said in captivity that in 2005 she underwent an operation, after which she became an everlasting person and “wings grew behind her back.”

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