Mar 31, 2021
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Ex-lover Buzovoy Denis Lebedev married another time

The former nereche of Olga Buzova, cheese maker Denis Lebedev married another one.

Ex-lover Buzovoy Denis Lebedev married another time

Several years ago, the project “Married to Buzov” got out on TNT. On the show, the star of “House-2” was looking for individual happiness. Cheese maker Denis Lebedev became the winner of the program. Actually, he won the singing TV presenter.

However, their relationship ended smartly. Olga Buzova accused her chosen one of deception and broke up with him.

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The other day, Denis Lebedev said that he had ceased to be a bachelor. He married his young lady Ekaterina Panova.

“The woman walks from licentiousness, and the uncle from twisting! This does not look at us, we are happy on our own and together. Thank you for our visiting ceremony, ”wrote Denis Lebedev on Instagram.

Recall that for a man this is no longer an initial union. He has a divorce behind him. It is also famous that Denis Lebedev has a son, with whom he lives and helps him financially.

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