Jan 3, 2022
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Ex-husband of Ksenia Borodina threatened his ex-wife with the publication of a video with her betrayal


Presenter Ksenia Borodina continues a public showdown with her ex-husband Kurban Omarov.

The day before, Kurban Omarov accused Ksenia of infidelity. According to him, the TV presenter cheated on him with his friend. And he considers this to be his trump card.

As it turned out, he decided to tell in detail about the personal life of the ex-wife so that he would not be deprived of communication with his daughter Ksenia. “And most importantly, you know what is in this whole story? If, God forbid, they stop giving me access to Theone, I will speak with video confirmationm “, – addressed Kurban.

The man assures that if his conditions are met, no fried details about Borodina and her alleged treason will be known to the public. “So let Theona be available to me and I will be silent! Promise! I’ll die without her!

Ksenia Borodina with her ex-husband
Ksenia Borodina with her ex-husband

Fans of the TV presenter are outraged by Omarov’s behavior: “Finally disappointed with your ex-husband. Not male behavior “; “This betrayal is called … Unexpectedly, of course, to hear such a thing about Ksyu!”; “It’s ugly that he writes so much to the public! If she loves her daughter, she should be protected from such gossip, and not inflated! I was silent for a year, well, I would be silent further“.

By the way, recently 38-year-old Ksenia herself stated that she was always honest with her ex: “I didn’t cheat in marriage, I didn’t lie. And how I will live now is my business. The main thing is that the conscience is clear. And a kind request – leave me alone with this marriage“.

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