Oct 14, 2020
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Ex-head of Udmurtia, Alexander Solovyov, was sentenced to 10 years in prison for bribes

The Zavyalovskiy District Court of Udmurtia passed a sentence to the former governor of the republic, Alexander Vasilyevich Solovyov. He was sentenced to 10 years in a strict regime colony for corruption, TASS reports, citing the press service of the judicial community of Udmurtia.

The former official will also pay a fine of 275 million rubles for two episodes of Article 290 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (taking bribes on an especially large scale), the press service noted.

The lawyer of the former head of the region Galina Sboeva intends to appeal the verdict. According to her, in the case "there were gross violations of the law," while she assessed Solovyov's state of health as "very bad." "The day before yesterday, they called an ambulance, right from the trial, while the pressure was brought down to him, they said that he could continue to participate in the process," she said.

The representative of the state prosecution Dmitry Pokhodin said that the court agreed with the position of the state prosecution in the assessment of all the evidence examined in the process, "which testify to Solovyov's guilt in taking bribes." "The court correctly qualified the criminal acts according to the norms of the criminal code," Pokhodin said.

According to the investigation, Alexander Soloviev received a bribe in several parts from 2014 to 2016. In total, they received 140 million rubles, as well as a share in the authorized capital of LLC Udmurtstalmost. For remuneration, the governor provided contractors with payments under government contracts and "general patronage." The owner of the concessionaire, Alexander Zabarsky, handed bribes to the director of the company, Sergei Polevikov, who to the Deputy Minister of Transport of Udmurtia, Alexander Solovyov, who personally brought the money to the then head of the region, Alexander Solovyov.

There is a second episode in the case, in which the owner of the Avtodormoststroy company and other companies Rustem Valeev acted as a bribe-giver. He was engaged in the supply of sand for the construction of bridges across the Kama and Bui. The investigation believes that Valeev helped Solovyov with the design of the house, which was an unauthorized one. Then the businessman helped to sell this house, for which he received land plots for the development of sand in the Kambara region and first-priority payment from the contractor.

Alexander Soloviev was detained in Izhevsk on April 4, 2017 and transferred to Moscow, where he was charged. On the same day, he was removed from office by the Russian president due to a loss of confidence.

According to the defendant, a number of witnesses during the court hearings, in particular the former Deputy Minister of Natural Resources of Udmurtia, Alexander Kokorin, announced the pressure exerted during the investigation, and the former owner of the concessionaire company, Alexander Zabarsky, said that he was forced to incriminate the defendant and he did not transfer money to him ... Soloviev spoke about falsifications in the case in his last word in court.

“I didn’t understand how witnesses could change the testimony they had already given, lie, and incriminate me about what I didn’t commit. Either some of them were forced to say so, or they recorded their testimony so incorrectly,” said the ex-governor.

He asked the court to pay special attention to the testimony of witnesses - the former Deputy Minister of Transport Alexander Mikhailovich Solovyov (in court he was called "Little Solovyov", IzhLife noted) and Ruslan Valeev. "Back in ancient Rome, it was argued that testimony should be requested mainly from those persons whose honesty is unshakable," the ex-head of Udmurtia emphasized. According to him, Alexander Mikhailovich Soloviev claimed at the investigation and in court that he personally brought him money, once transferred it through the driver, but this was not confirmed at the court by the driver and Zabarsky.

"Moreover, Polevikov and Zabarsky pointed to Alexander Mikhailovich Solovyov as the only person who negotiated with them the amount of the bribe, the terms of transfer and receipt, and he and his family members were involved in this criminal case, who personally received and transported these money, "- said the defendant.

According to him, back in 2014, the former Deputy Minister of Transport closed his debts on enforcement orders for tens of millions of rubles. "During the construction of bridges over the Kama and Bui, Alexander Mikhailovich acquired real estate in Spain for his wife and children, a working business, had a solid account in a Spanish bank. All this was recorded by operational-search measures, but the investigation did not assess this," said the former head republics. Later, the accused added that he and his family during the period of his leadership of the republic did not make major acquisitions that could not be explained.

The ex-head of Udmurtia noted that all issues related to the construction of bridges were supervised by the former Deputy Minister of Transport Solovyov: it was he who promoted the interests of the general contractor to receive new orders, in particular for the repair of the bridge in Izhevsk and roads, being the chairman of the commissions at the auction, put pressure on heads of municipalities for the allocation of land plots for the extraction of sand and the construction of workshops of OOO Udmurtstalmost. The defendant himself, according to him, never participated in the distribution of shares in this company, one of the owners of which was the daughter of the former deputy minister, Kommersant wrote.

Alexander Mikhailovich Soloviev, according to the defendant, also patronized Valeev's companies, the deputy minister's wife was fictitiously employed with him and received a salary. A number of witnesses indicated that it was Alexander Mikhailovich Soloviev who asked the concessionaire to pay off Ruslan Valeev's companies as a matter of priority.

The defendant argued that Deputy Minister Soloviev did everything to get promoted, and "closeness to the head of the region allowed him to influence not other officials, putting his wishes in front of the wishes of the head."

During the investigation, Solovyov pleaded guilty, but later in court explained this by pressure and torture conditions of detention. “Being in Lefortovo was torture for me and every day could be the last, I was not allowed to meet with the lawyer and my family, their letters were not passed on. I did not even know that my daughters had concluded agreements with lawyers. The investigator and the appointed lawyer said, that it is necessary to testify in order to alleviate the fate ", - said ex-governor Alexander Soloviev.

He asked for leniency from the court. “I did not do what I am accused of. I am 70 years old, I have serious chronic diseases, and if I am sentenced to a real term, I’m unlikely to get out of prison. I ask the court to release me from paying an exorbitant fine. and my family never had that kind of money. Most of the property was acquired long before these events, and if they decided to destroy me, then let my family live in peace. They are not guilty of anything, "the accused concluded.

The state prosecutor asked for a punishment for Alexander Solovyov in the form of 13 years in a penal colony with a strict regime and a fine of 280 million rubles.

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