Jan 29, 2021
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Ex-boyfriend of Svetlana Bondarchuk published her open photo

Photographer Sergei Tabunov posted a photo of a half-naked Svetlana Bondarchuk. Some subscribers considered such an act unworthy.

Ex-boyfriend of Svetlana Bondarchuk published her open photo

Secular photographer Sergey Tabunov published a spicy photo of Svetlana Bondarchuk on his Instagram page. In the frame, she poses in the bathroom, with her back to the lens, she is wearing only a black and white striped long sleeve top and high-heeled shoes, and there is not even any underwear.

“Buza is such a scandal,” Tabunov jokingly waved the photo. Svetlana herself responded to the publication with emoticons.

The photographer’s subscribers asked themselves why this publication was made, some considered such an act vile.

Bondarchuk and Tabunov were in a relationship for about a year and a half, they broke up even before Svetlana met with her current man Sergei Kharchenko. Judging by the publications of the photographer, they maintain warm and friendly relations with their former lovers and spend the holidays together with their friends.

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