Oct 14, 2020
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Evolution has favored people with strong hands in the last century – research

Human evolution continues, Australian scientists remind us. They found evidence of this in the vasculature of the forearm.

Scientists report that the mid-artery, which supplies blood to the forearm and hand, has become more common in humans. It develops in the early stages of intrauterine development, but by the eighth week it often disappears: other vessels are responsible for the blood supply to this region.

The median artery has been the focus of anatomical research for over two centuries. She is known to have occurred in 10% of autopsies in people born in the late 19th century. In people born in the 20th century, the artery is found already in 30%, the authors of a new study showed. For scientific work, they opened and examined in detail 80 hands of the corpses. The authors spoke about their discoveries in Anatomy journal...

Scientists believe that the middle artery may have persisted in adults as a result of mutations. In their opinion, the discovery shows that evolution is more favorable to people who have better blood supply to their hands. The presence of such a vessel should help to increase the strength of the muscles of the forearms. All the factors that contributed to the "fixation" of the middle artery in humans, scientists have yet to clarify.

“This is the microevolution of modern humans, and the middle artery is a perfect example that we are still evolving,” commented Professor Maciej Henneberg of the Institute for Evolutionary Medicine at the University of Zurich.

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