Oct 18, 2020
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Evidence of “Flying Discs” in 1926, collected by Roerich

Supporters of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations believe that our planet has been visited by messengers from other planets for many millennia. Evidence of such visits can be found both in the legends of different peoples of the world and in numerous images dating back more than millennia.

In the modern world, unidentified flying objects also appear quite often in different parts of the planet. Meanwhile, N. Roerich often traveled in the last century across Mongolia, Tibet, Altai and the Himalayas. During his expeditions, he collected various testimonies, myths and legends from different peoples of the world.

The most interesting were the stories associated with the so-called iron snakes, which are described in legends. These objects appeared in the sky most often in Mongolia and Tibet. Their appearance was accompanied by fire and smoke, after which they hid high in the sky, traveling to the stars.

These legends and myths aroused the interest of Roerich and his group also for the reason that they personally witnessed the appearance of an unusual object in the sky. It happened on August 5, 1926, during a camp in the Kukunor (Hek-Nur) region in the Chinese province of Qinghai, near the Humboldt Ridge.

People described the following events as follows:

We observed through binoculars an object moving at high speed from north to south. The sun's rays reflected off a metal object in the sky, and the shape of the unidentified object was like a disk.

Some members of the group had a desire to look at the object through binoculars, after which they had a feeling that someone was controlling this object, because the trajectory of his movement did not resemble the fact that he moves across the sky by itself. The disk disappeared almost instantly, but many members of the expedition were able to see it quite well.

But to whom do these aircraft belong - some alien civilizations that periodically visit Earth, or a mysterious legendary underground civilization living on the inner surface of our planet? Or maybe both versions are correct?

Roerich and other members of the group studied the ancient Egyptian papyri and the ancient Roman chronicles, after which they concluded that such objects had been recorded by people before. It is possible that some highly developed civilization from another planet studied people and the Earth, or maybe these creatures shared their technologies with people.

Recently, more and more scientists are becoming interested in the topic of extraterrestrial civilizations. It remains to hope that in the future we will find out the answers about the origin of these objects, or even come into contact with other beings.

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