Nov 22, 2022
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Evgeny Mironov’s mother collected bottles


The mother of the future actor Yevgeny Mironov barely made ends meet and collected bottles on the streets of Moscow.

Today, Evgeny Mironov is considered a successful actor in Russian cinema and can certainly afford any whims. But there was a time when his loved ones were in dire need of money.

I was so passionate about my work that I skipped the 90s, they did not touch me. I have already graduated from the institute. I say with enthusiasm that I did not see the famine, but my mother collected bottles in Moscow from garbage dumps in order to hand them over and buy some food. We didn’t have money. Really. I remember Oleg Tabakov agreed, and we were sent parcels with pasta and canned food from a friendly theater in Germany. I mean, we’ve been through it all.”, – recalled the 55-year-old Mironov in the program “Cinema in Details” on STS.

At the beginning of his acting career, Evgeny Vitalievich, with his sister and mother, huddled in a tiny dorm room. Despite all the difficulties, the artist recalls those moments with nostalgia.

Evgeny Mironov - photo from the archive -
Evgeny Mironov – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

“TWhen I was filming, I was making money. There were prizes. After the film “Love” I took part in the “Kinotavr”, in Geneva I received the main prize. Then he bought an apartment for his sister in Moscow. She’s a girl. I began to play in international projects. It’s an interesting time”, Mironov noted.

Today, the artist is not married, he is raising his son Peter alone. Sometimes Evgeny Vitalievich brings the child to public events.

He graduated from school well, goes to break-dance, is engaged in photography. His school is creative, and there are a lot of competitions throughout the year. Medals – for victories in these competitions. I am proud of him and ready to support him in everything – just like my parents supported me.

Family comes first, for me it is absolutely natural. But our head is still mom. She’s an elder. Gathers all of us under his wing for all holidays. But, of course, I am responsible for the family, this applies not only to Moscow, but also to Saratov, where a large diaspora of Mironovskaya and Ermakovsko-Doroninskaya lives. Of course, I am like an ambulance in the family, and this is normal, because I have opportunities”, The actor reasoned in an interview with 7 Days a year ago.

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