May 4, 2021
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Evgeny Babichev hammered in the value of the show “Mask” for performers

Not so long ago the final of the second season of the famous show “The Mask” took place. The jury found out the names of all the participants, which reached the coffin of the trust project. Music critic Evgeny Babichev told why this show is so valuable for artists.

Evgeny Babichev hammered in the value of the show

Mostly experienced singers are invited to this program, but it happens to the extent that people are also invited without a great singing experiment.

Babichev said that the fact that such artists as Yusif Eyvazov and Larisa Dolina participated in this project, suggests that this absolutely does not detract from the artist’s real talent, but even vice versa.

To the main advantages of this show, he also refers to a change in role and expansion of the boundaries of creativity. He also noted the high ratings of the show, and this has a great effect on the popularity of the performers.

Babichev believes that any revelation for the next day becomes a bright and discussed news topic. And he is sure that the performers should simply queue up with the producers of this project and ask them to take them in the coming season.

Evgeny added that he has no idea that the audience’s interest in this project will last for a long time, but experience shows that over time, it is lost to every successful show. However, at the moment it is entertaining and burning, so it should be used, he concluded.

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