Sep 14, 2020
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Evgenia and Valery Diduli are getting divorced after seven years of marriage

13:44, 09/14/2020

The artist asked women subjected to domestic violence to flee from the abusers.

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Another celebrity couple did not pass the test of the pandemic. Evgeniya and Valery Diduli from the group "DiDyuLya" decided to leave. The divorce was initiated by the composer's wife. Evgenia announced this in her microblog on Instagram. Today she wrote a huge post on the topic of divorce and single mothers.

Evgeniya explained that many women hear in their address that they are "divorced with a trailer", leaving sick relationships with children in their arms. The artist declares that many are afraid for their future, but divorce is not a sentence. Evgeniya adds that dads rarely feel such fear, as they usually intimidate partners long before the divorce. “Who will need you and your child?” Such dads shout… but I think that the child needs me! and who are you? " - Eugenia said sharply (spelling and punctuation of the author are given without changes. - Prim. line.).

Evgenia and Valery Diduli with their daughter

Evgenia noted that it is the fear of the victim that makes the woman endure domestic violence. According to the artist, many are afraid to leave their spouses, because the child needs a father. Evgeniya states that children, first of all, need a worthy example of how to treat a woman.

“And many men go further, they threaten to take away the child) Well, here is the bottom)))) Here you just need to put an end! from that moment on, your relationship is gone, or maybe it wasn’t, ”Didula added.

Evgenia and Valery Didyulya this year took their daughter to school together

Most of these women live in the illusion of family and marriage, while they are being used, notes Evgenia. The artist added that all questions about her divorce from Valery can be asked to a representative and marked the page of her lawyer. “Someone is beaten, someone is humiliated and intimidated, they are forced to leave a good job, because it is not (further obscene. - Prim. line.) to be cooler than her husband, someone is shaved on their bald head (I've heard this story) Girls, would you allow your child to be treated this way? here it is! RISE AND GO! No matter how beautiful this illusion is, it remains in the past! There is no longer any sense or desire to hold on to it any longer ... The sad ending is also the ending! Alas. questions to the representative ", - dismissed all further questions Didula.

It is worth noting that in the past, Eugene more than once called her husband a virtuoso father and husband, praised his qualities in work and personal life. What caused the separation of the star couple is still unknown. We add that while Evgeniya continues to work in the musical group "DiDuLya". Didulia did not say who the common daughter of the spouses would stay with, but judging by her publication, the girl will live with her mother.

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