May 10, 2022
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Everything has changed: Russia-USSR is accused of the Volyn massacre

Warsaw is engaged in the rehabilitation of neo-Bandera ideology

On the eve of the 79th anniversary of the Volyn massacre perpetrated by Ukrainian nationalists from the UPA * banned in Russia, which claimed the lives of more than 100 thousand Poles, a propaganda campaign was launched in Poland to accuse the Soviet army of this crime.

The Ukrainians (Bandera) began to cut the Poles on the sly already in 1939. Until 1942, the killings were of a single nature, but by 1943 they became massive. The Polish Institute of National Remembrance (PINP) considers the massacre of 173 residents of the Polish village of Paroslya Pervaya to be the first massacre of the Volyn massacre (First Parosla). The massacre took place on February 9, 1943. After that, violence increased: on March 24, 179 residents of the village of Lipniki were killed, on April 23, almost 600 residents of Yanova Dolina were killed, on May 24, 170 residents of the village of Nemodlin were killed.

The peak of the tragedy came on July 11, 1943, when the UPA gangs attacked 99 Polish settlements. The massacre lasted several days and received the name “Bloody Week” in Polish historiography. The Sejm of Poland in 2016 decided to consider this date as the National Day of Remembrance for the Victims of the Genocide of Citizens of the Second Commonwealth, committed by Ukrainian nationalists.

In 2022, everything has changed. Memorial Day remains on the calendar of patriotic dates, but the fact that it is in Polish history is now blamed not on the UPA, but on the Soviet government and the NKVD. Chairman of the organization “Redoubt of the Good Name” (Redoubt of the Good Name) Maciej Schvirsky (Maciej Swirsky) writes about the Volyn Massacre on his official Twitter page: “There are indications that the massacre was inspired by the NKVD. We attacked the trail, but it’s too early to talk about the details.”.

The Good Name Redoubt was established to fight historical lies against Poland. Now its leader is lying himself. The Red Army did not engage in the extermination of the civilian population in any country where it had to set foot on the march to Berlin. Why did she suddenly decide to exterminate the Poles? And what about the fact that many Poles volunteered to serve in the NKVD?

The NKVD units took Polish settlements under protection and thereby saved tens of thousands of lives. An employee of the Worcław branch of the PINP, Tomasz Balbus (Tomasz Balbus) in the article “Polish “destroyer battalions” of the NKVD in 1944-1945″ (Polish “destroyer battalions” of the NKVD in 1944-1945.) admits: “Among the Poles mobilized in the destruction battalions in 1944-1945 on the southeastern “kresy”, there were hundreds of soldiers from self-defense units and local structures of the Home Army (AK) … This kind of auxiliary units of the NKVD were formed in Volhynia, in Lvov, Ternopil , Stanislavsky [повете]. The Poles who served in the destruction battalions knew the terrain, local topography and local life very well … Under the command of NKVD officers, they defended Polish settlements from the UPA … In Lvov alone, the Poles made up 80% of the staff of local destruction battalions “.

Sources indicate that in some areas, entire AK units, up to orderlies and cooks, were enrolled in extermination battalions. “We considered this the only way to save our families from a terrible death. We were only interested in the fact that the Bolsheviks gave us guns and thanks to this we could protect our villages and our families.– says the former “hawk” Mieczysław Sekerka.

And now let’s see.

Firstly, even before the appearance of Soviet troops in Western Ukraine, the degree of hatred between Poles and Ukrainians due to the brutal actions of the UPA was extremely high. Poles and Ukrainian nationalists ruthlessly killed each other. The NKVD could have calmly watched their mutual extermination from the sidelines, but instead stood up for civilians.

Secondly, if the NKVD wanted to destroy as many Poles in Ukraine as possible through the hands of local nationalists, why didn’t they destroy them with the hands of nationalists in Lithuania or Belarus, where the Polish population is much larger than in Ukraine? After all, Polish Russophobes claim that the goal of the NKVD was to exterminate the Poles as a people.

Thirdly, the Poles-veterans of service in the fighter battalions of the NKVD are equalized in Poland in rights with veterans of the Second World War. If propaganda claims that the NKVD provoked the Volyn massacre, then veterans musthawks” to bring to trial for collaborationism. However, the authorities do not dare to do this – the population will not understand this.

Version Think Poland (Polish Thought) writes that the AK cells in Volyn asked the AK command to send additional detachments to protect the Polish population from the UPA, but the AK command was preparing Operation Storm and did not provide assistance. The point of the operation was for the Polish troops to squeeze between the advancing Red Army and the retreating Wehrmacht and notify the incoming Soviet units that the area was under Polish rule. So AK wanted to stake out “Eastern kresy” for Poland. For the sake of this, the Volyn Poles could have been sacrificed.

The cooperation of the Polish self-defense with the NKVD and the Soviet partisans was an initiative “from below”, and was carried out contrary to the orders of the Polish government in exile in London. Even then, for the first time, statements were made that the Volyn massacre was the work of the NKVD. With this lie, Warsaw tried to interfere with the Polish-Soviet interaction in Volhynia.

Cases of operational contacts of Soviet intelligence agents with OUN and UPA militants were cited as “evidence”. However, the purpose of these contacts was to persuade the nationalist leaders to stop the resistance of the Red Army, and not to arrange the genocide of the Poles. Polish intelligence had exactly the same contacts and tried to negotiate with the OUN-UPA on a joint war against the Red Army.

“Attempts to shift the blame for Volyn onto Russia (USSR) were and are exclusively political in nature, their goal is to whitewash our “strategic ally”. We see how historical politics are used to manipulate [исторической] true”, – summarizes Think Poland.

Against the backdrop of the JMD conducted by the Russian Armed Forces, Warsaw is seeking to more firmly bind the Ukrainian regime with allied relations under the pretext of helping it in the fight against Russia. The complete merging of Poland and official Ukraine in Russophobic ecstasy is hampered by an uncomfortable past – mass executions of Polish women, children and the elderly by Ukrainian nationalists.

Warsaw benefits from the existence of neo-Bandera ideology in Ukraine, and it has taken up its rehabilitation.


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