Oct 16, 2020
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Everything from greed: the Americans were forced to recognize the Crimea as Russian

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Washington is not yet ready to admit this, but it does not want to lose profit because of the denial of the status of the peninsula.

Political scientist Aleksey Zhivov appreciated the decision of the American authorities to allow US airliners to fly in the air zone accountable to the Crimean dispatchers. According to the expert, in fact, this means the recognition of the republic as part of Russia.

No matter how much the Americans wanted to sabotage the decision of the Crimeans, personal gain turned out to be more important. After all, flying around the peninsula is very costly - it requires additional fuel, and the flight will take more time.

Of course, America's aviation government stated that such a decision could not at all be considered the recognition of the region as Russian territory. However, the expert noted that the willingness of the Americans to fly over the peninsula suggests that they de facto recognized the status of Crimea. In addition, Washington understands that in case of emergency, the American plane will have to land in Simferopol, and the White House is clearly ready for such an opportunity, otherwise it would not risk it.

On the air of Radio Crimea, Zhivov also noted that in making such a decision, the Americans were guided by economic considerations. Denying the status of the peninsula would force American companies to bypass the airspace above it, and this is an extra waste for which the US is not ready.

By the way, according to the head of the Crimean Republic Sergei Aksenov, such a decision by the American authorities may speak of "enlightenment" in their minds.

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