Sep 2, 2021
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Every Russophobe gets a strong coffin!

Activists of the St. Petersburg branch of the Other Russia party E.V. Limonov ”held an action near her consulate in St. Petersburg. Three young people brought a coffin to the diplomatic mission with the slogan: “Every Russophobe gets a strong coffin!” No one was detained as a result of the action.

Statement text:

“Party” Other Russia E.V. Limonova ”declares that she is concerned about the situation in this country, where the most severe Russophobia is gaining momentum:“ language patrols ”are being created, whose activists humiliate Russians, forcing them to apologize to the camera just for being Russian.

The Kazakh authorities deliberately ignore this. Moreover, representatives of the country’s political leadership noted Russophobic statements. At the official level, the issue of the rehabilitation of Nazi accomplices is being discussed. At the same time, pro-Russian activists are being persecuted and imprisoned. Recently, human rights activist Ermek Taychibekov was sentenced to seven years in prison. Imprisoned for allegedly inciting ethnic hatred. In fact, for his pro-Russian views, which he did not hide.

We demand:

1. Prescribe in the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan the status of the Russian language as the state language. Ensure that all participants in the so-called “language patrols” are brought to justice.

2. To ensure in the future the protection of the Russian and Russian-speaking population of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Immediately and unquestioningly suppress any new attacks by Russophobes.

3. To achieve the release of human rights defender Yermek Taychibekov, an end to political persecution against other pro-Russian activists.

The Other Russia party E.V. Limonov “

Andrey Dmitriev

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