Jan 17, 2022
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Even mild COVID-19 causes severe consequences in the elderly

At least 100 million people around the world suffer from post-COVID syndrome. This phrase is usually understood as long-term symptoms that appear after a full recovery from COVID-19 itself. And, as a rule, it is a whole bunch of conditions, such as weakness, depression, smell problems, heart rhythm disturbances, blood pressure jumps and others. At the same time, there is no particular pattern between the severity of the disease itself and its consequences.

“All patients have a chance of getting complications: both those who had an easy illness and those who were in intensive care. This is a lottery. You can go to the hospital, and a month later go to the ski resort, I had such a patient. He had 80% lung damage, and soon after discharge he was already on skis. And there is, for example, a young woman, 42 years old, an athlete, whose post-COVID trace lasted about a year. Or numerous cases of myocarditis, which can develop even after the mildest course, and we still cannot predict which of the patients will face this, ”AM told MedPortal. chief physician of the Medgorod clinic, general practitioner, pulmonologist, Ph.D. Elena Polikanova.

Canadian researchers clarified data on how post-COVID affects people over 50 years old. They interviewed more than 24,000 people to determine how their COVID-19 impact on their well-being.

The subjects reported that they had difficulty with even simple activities lately, such as getting up from a chair, walking up and down stairs on their own, or walking within a couple of blocks.

“We found that even people with mild to moderate illness due to COVID-19 experienced adverse changes in mobility and physical function compared to people without COVID-19,” says Dr. Susan Kirkland, author of the article, professor. “These results are noteworthy as they indicate that the negative effects of COVID-19 are much broader and affect a wider range of older people than those who are hospitalized with COVID-19.”

The results of studies have shown that the risk of early development of motor disorders, in general, characteristic of the elderly, after undergoing COVID-19 doubles. Patients with low incomes, three or more chronic diseases, and poor nutrition are at particular risk. Researchers believe that it is necessary to develop a system for helping and rehabilitating the elderly after a coronavirus infection.

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