Jan 15, 2022
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Evelina Bledans was accused of lying


Presenter Evelina Bledans attacked Natalya Turetskaya because of an abortion.

Natalya Turetskaya honestly admitted that she had an abortion, because the unborn child was diagnosed with Down syndrome. After that, many women attacked her, including Evelina Bledans.

Natalya Turetskaya thought that after the publication of information about the abortion, haters would attack her, but she hardly expected such a stream of negativity. The woman is sure that she did the right thing, because she is already raising two children, while pursuing a career. Natalya would have neither the strength nor the time for a baby with Down syndrome. However, these excuses did not stop criticism.

Evelina Bledans, who also brings up a “sunny” child, was outraged the loudest.

Evelina Bledans with her son
Evelina Bledans with her son

Now Natalia decided to answer both the actress and all her haters. “They made an almost international scandal, they accused me of commissioned advertising. The illiterate write about targeting and blog promotion based on a personal tragedy. I won’t even describe what the mother of a sunny child, well-known throughout the country, arranged. Persecution and slander of pure water. But as a blogger, I understand it. Perhaps, in her place, I would also advertise myself if someone spoke on a topic close to me. I would only do it, of course, much softer and more intelligent, and even more so I would not spread false information“, Turkish said.

According to Natalia, fetal pathologies often develop during IVF. Many women have abortions but don’t dare to talk about it because of public stigma. “Most still support me and write their stories in direct. It’s a bitter truth, but it’s true. And everyone is silent about it. Because people will judge. Die in your own grief and have no right to support”, Turkish summed up.

Recall that Natalia dreamed of a third child for a very long time. After unsuccessful attempts at conception, she turned to the IVF procedure. Turkish does not intend to give up after the tragedy. She is sure that sooner or later she will be able to become a mother of many children.

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