Dec 28, 2020
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Evelina Bledans showed how she decorates a Christmas tree with her special son Semyon

17:41, 27.12.

The artist began preparations for the New Year holidays.

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Many stars of Russian show business have already decorated their homes for the New Year. Yana Rudkovskaya dressed up a festive tree with toys from luxury brands, Ekaterina Klimova attracted daughter Bella to decorate the apartment, and her son Platon helped Ksenia Sobchak hang balls on the tree. Today Evelina Bledans and her eight-year-old son Semyon decided to dress up the New Year tree.

In her microblog on Instagram, Evelina Bledans posted a video where she and her son decorate a Christmas tree with a garland. “Here we put the Christmas tree in childhood, now Semyon and I”, – signed the artist (spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given without changes. – Prim. line.). It is worth noting that Evelina regularly posts photos and videos with the child on social networks, and also talks about his development. The fact is that the actress is raising her son with Down syndrome, so she wants to share useful information with all parents who also had a special baby.

Evelina Bledans showed how she decorates a Christmas tree with her special son Semyon

The merits of Evelina Bledans did not go unnoticed. The star, who is the trustees of the charitable foundation, received the order for her services in the field of adaptation of children of “sunny children”. The Bledans award was presented on Mother’s Day. “Now I am a mother of the order. This award was presented to me on Mother’s Day. Thank you for your recognition. I am happy and proud to bear the great title of Mother, ”the star wrote on the social network.

Note that Evelina Bledans is one of the first stars of show business, who began to speak directly about the peculiarities of raising children with Down syndrome and share her experience with the parents of the same children. For this, the artist created a separate microblog on Instagram dedicated to her son Semyon. The boy’s blog contained his photos and videos, as well as seminars on child development and other useful information.

Alexander Semin with his son Semyon

However, in the fall of this year, Semin’s microblogging seeds were deleted by the decision of Instagram. Evelina and her ex-husband Alexander, who is managing the child’s page, did not understand exactly which rules they violated. Bledans was very upset that all the content that was created over eight years was lost, as well as a solid audience – 220 thousand people followed the life of Semyon Semin.

Evelina Bledans tried to contact Instagram support for several days and was able to restore justice. “Instagram @semensemin is back! We sincerely thank everyone who tried to help or even just mentally sent strength to our support! With your help, the first Instagram bible of the life of a child with Down syndrome has been returned. My dear ones, be with us, watch how we grow, and do not be afraid of anything! Together we are strong! I am happy that so many people support us! To everyone and everyone, I bow low to the families where there are or will be children with special needs, ”Evelina Bledans wrote at the time on a social network.

Evelina Bledans with her son Semyon

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