Feb 17, 2021
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Evelina Bledans published a video with her younger sister, in which she congratulated her on buying her own apartment in Moscow

08:08, 17.02.2021

Maya recently moved to the capital.

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Evelina Bledans, whom many know for her expressive image of a nurse in the popular program of the 90s “Masks Show”, was born in Yalta. Mom of the actress Tamila Nikolaevna and her second husband Gennady Alexandrovich also raised the younger sister of Evelina May. Not so long ago, Maya, because of her own business, moved from Crimea to Moscow. A relative of the star managed to acquire her first apartment in the northeast of the capital, with which her 51-year-old sister congratulated her. She posted a video at the family table showing her special eight-year-old son Semyon hugging and kissing his own aunt.

“I congratulated my sister on the purchase of real estate in Stories, and there were many questions from you to direct“ what, where, how they chose ”. Since this is personal information, I consulted with Maya and asked permission, what can I say. She doesn’t mind 🙂 ”- wrote Bledans in her microblog on Instagram (the spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given without changes. – Noteed.). Evelina added that the house is still under construction, but the interior decoration is in full swing. The actress noted that the acquisition was successful due to the fact that there are many parks near the residential complex, and a stunning view opens from the balcony.

Evelina Bledans published a photo and video with her sister, whom she congratulated on the purchase of her apartment

We add that at the beginning of the year Bledans told the readers of her microblogging about her parents and sister. The actress admitted that she was very pleased to return in her memories to her Crimean childhood, in which her mother fried potatoes and chicken, her father brought pickles and preserves from the barn, and grandmother, she and Maya laid the table for her. The star noted that then the parental cooperative “treshka” seemed to her a real palace, and now she does not understand how furniture, utensils, and even a piano could fit in such a space.

Note that Bledans considers his stepfather, who devoted most of his life to raising her, to be his family. In the show “The Fate of Man” Evelina with tears in her eyes asked for forgiveness from her biological father Visvaldis Karlovich for your revelation. “Dad, forgive me for these words, you made me with such long legs, such a loud voice, forgive me for saying so about you, but you left us, you left,” the guest of the show turned to her dad. The artist added that she has recently taken the habit of asking for forgiveness, as she believes that the constantly felt sense of guilt can bring her to oncology. The star said that her mother died from such a disease, who also blamed herself for a bad relationship with her mother.

It is worth adding that Bledans is raising his eight-year-old son, Semyon, without a father. FROM Alexander Semin the actress broke up four years ago. The ex-spouses continue to communicate because of their son. Sema’s dad regularly publishes photos and videos of his son. So, a couple of days ago, Semin Sr. showed how his special child plays with his younger sister, who was born a year ago from the new chosen one Alexander. Recall that Semyon was born in early April in 2012. According to Bledans, Sema’s birth is a gift, calling him a guardian angel.

Evelina Bledans with her special son Semyon

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