Nov 9, 2022
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Evelina Bledans got into debt so as not to stay on the street


Actress and presenter Evelina Bledans shared the good news.

The artist said that her dream came true. She took ownership of an apartment in a business-class residential complex. The actress admitted that she could not save up the necessary amount to buy a home, so she had to get a mortgage.

Bledans boasted the first shots from the two-room apartment where she settled with her “sunny” son. Repair dragged on for a year, but, judging by the photo, it was worth the months of tedious waiting.

Evelina says that she is already used to mortgage payments. Previously, she refused to even think about buying an apartment on credit. She thought it was too expensive. But, having calculated all the risks, the artist turned to the bank and so far has not regretted her decision.

Evelina Bledans - photo from the archive -
Evelina Bledans – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Although it was decided for a long time and painfully, since she never owed anything to anyone. And to take an apartment in a mortgage means to be in debt. But still I decided and I am very happy that now I have such a beautiful, albeit small, apartment.“, – Bledans is quoted by the source of

Previously, Evelina lived all year round in a country house, which, by the way, was issued to her. Now she will use this accommodation for vacations on weekends. “When the weather is good, we are always outside the city – there is wonderful air, a spacious plot“, – says the artist.

By the way, Ida Galich recently also got involved in a mortgage story. She has extensive experience in this matter, because before that she had already “closed” four real estate loans. This time she bought a house on the Arbat and she will not be able to quickly pay off the debt.

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