Jan 12, 2022
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Evelina Bledans criticized the daughter of Mikhail Turetsky for getting rid of the child


Actress and presenter Evelina Bledans is shocked by the woman’s act.

The daughter of Mikhail Turetsky had an abortion after learning that the child would be born with Down syndrome. Many supported Natalia at a difficult moment in her life, but there were also those who condemned. For example, Evelina Bledans is furious with a woman’s decision.

Evelina Bledans, raising her son with Down syndrome, is outraged by Natalya’s act. The 52-year-old actress does not understand why the daughter of Mikhail Turetsky calls for abortions if the fetus has any abnormalities.

Not a hero and not a good fellow. She shows step by step how she waited for pregnancy for three years – and here it is! And after all, I did not even see the thought of her, so as to leave, and not tear it with tongs and throw it into the trash bin. “This is not murder. This is salvation! When you could have avoided and didn’t! ” – this is how Natalia evaluates her wise decision. “Have pity on the daughter of Turetsky, who has a choir.” What to be sorry for? For the fact that over the course of several posts and dozens of stories you are trying to convince the audience that children with disabilities are rubbish that must be disposed of unconditionally so that they do not ruin your life ?!“- Bledans said.

Evelina Bledans with her son
Evelina Bledans with her son

According to Evelina, it would be better if Natalia did not share all the personal details. “And you also have two children who can already read a detailed story with pictures of how mom got rid of their sister just because she was destined to be born different from everyone else!“- added the angry TV presenter.

Mikhail Turetsky’s daughter got pregnant with IVF last fall. On December 20, Natalia was informed that the child had a disease. Later, the unborn baby was diagnosed with Down syndrome.

It is fortunate that there are accurate examinations and you can still influence the outcome of events. Do I need to explain that I have two children who require attention, I have a job, life, self-realization! And yet – we are not eternal, who after us will take care of a special child? In whose hands will he remain? And if he dies in the first years of his life? I will never forgive myself! The diagnosis was confirmed 100%. Ultrasound shows a thickening of the TVP (collar zone). In children with Down syndrome, this fold is higher than normal … The miracle did not happen“, – wrote the heiress of the musician in her personal blog.

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