Sep 16, 2020
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Evelina Bledans admitted that her relationship with Alexander Semin soured due to the nanny of their special son Semyon

10:54, 09/16/2020

The actress told how Alena Volkova called her ex-husband at night and threatened to commit suicide.

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Evelina Bledans has become a guest of the new edition of the program "The Fate of Man". The 51-year-old actress said that she feels guilty towards many significant people in her life, but she is very afraid that because of this she will start having problems with cancer. So, the artist cited her own mother as an example, who died of cancer. According to Evelina, Tomila Bledans felt guilty before her grandmother for the fact that, when she was still alive, she offended her with a harsh word. The actress admitted that she did not want to repeat the fate of her mother and therefore decided to ask for forgiveness from those whom she could offend.

On the air of the program Bledans apologized to her first husband Yuri Stytskovsky... The star of TV shows and movies believes that if she had not been frivolous then, she could have made a man who adored her and saw her talent as a dramatic actress happy. Evelina admitted that when she had a miscarriage, she blamed Yura for this misfortune. And now she understands for sure that then she simply could not take responsibility for her misdeed - after all, no one forced her to go to the park, where she was frightened by a man with a knife. Recall that the stress experienced became the reason that the artist did not give birth to a child to Yuri.

Yuri Stytskovsky and Evelina Bledans

Evelina's second husband Dmitry was a "bandyugan". The actress admitted that after the intelligent Yura, who literally made Tarkovsky look, she was fascinated by Dima, who looked after him beautifully, gave handbags, shoes and fur coats. “On the third day, I came to Mommy Tomilochka and said that he wanted to marry,” the celebrity recalled. The artist said that despite the fact that in this marriage she had a son Nikolay, she ran away from her husband. By the way, now 26-year-old Kolya is in Israel, in the country where his father also lives.

But with a third husband Alexander Semin Evelina felt the complete unity of souls. When the spouses were informed that they had a special son, Semyon, they practically had no doubt that they would be able to raise the child to their feet. Only once did Evelina allow herself to succumb to emotions. “Sasha and I were so one whole, we were so confident in our happiness. There was one night of doubt. "For what? Why us? Why us? " Already in the morning we realized that it was happiness, that we had to go to intensive care for Sema, ”said Evelina.

Evelina Bledans with her son Semyon

The marriage with Sasha lasted 7 years. According to Evelina, one of the reasons why the couple separated was an unpleasant story with Semyon's nanny. Then, in 2015, Alena Volkova accused Alexander Semin of beating her. The girl published a picture with a bandaged head in her microblog on Instagram and wrote that she paid for the good. Bledans denied the woman's words, calling her a fan who took advantage of the situation to draw attention to herself for some of her fraudulent purposes. Evelina told Boris Korchevnikov that for some time Alena called her husband at night and threatened to commit suicide. This test became a serious "hook" that hooked and pulled their mutual understanding and agreement.

After a divorce from Evelina, Alexander married again and became the dad of his daughter Faith... A child in the family of Semin and his chosen one Marina Mentusova was born in February this year. By the way, Sema has already managed to get to know his younger sister. So, Semin showed in the summer how he spends time with his son and daughter. I must say that Bledans is not offended by Alexander, but he does not consider himself to be guilty that there was a discord.

“Let him live happily. He had a daughter, he got married. There is no need to remember how Sasha left - he left and left. I was not guilty before him. Until the last moment I tried to glue and connect, but it didn’t work, ”Bledans said. The actress noted that, according to her, Alena had already paid for her act. “She realized that she had hurt a lot of people, and now she has a bad illness,” added Evelina.

Alexander Semin with his son Semyon

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