Sep 9, 2022
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Europeans began to buy stoves in Turkey

The energy crisis forces Europeans to refuse gas and electricity

Due to the energy crisis and the significant increase in gas and electricity prices, Europeans are forced to look for alternative methods of heating their homes. Many households are returning to stove heating, Turkish newspaper writes A new dawn.

The demand for kilns has revived the kiln business in Turkey. Orders to Turkey come from Europe and their number has grown 19 times.

“Last year we had only 5-6 orders from abroad, but this year we have shipped more than 100 stoves to Europe before September. And this week we received 125 orders from Italy,”says Ankara kiln factory owner Gökhan Aybar.

He clarified that other furnace plants also received large orders from Europe.

Despite the fact that goods sent abroad are subject to a customs duty of 400-500 euros, the number of orders from abroad has increased significantly over the past four months, the author of the article explains.

In addition to foreign orders, Turkish emigrants living in Europe buy stoves in Turkey and take them with them on their vehicles. In this case, the goods are not subject to customs duty.

“Emigrants do not pay customs fees when they transport ovens with their vehicles. Therefore, it makes sense for them to buy them in Turkey. They say they’re buying stoves because they can’t pay huge natural gas bills.”Aibar says.

Orhan Altıparmak, now living in the Netherlands, is one of the first emigrants to buy a stove in Turkey.

“Last winter my last natural gas bill was 157 euros. And now, before the onset of winter, we are already paying 350 euros. In the Netherlands, the state helps the unemployed pay their bills, but there is no material support for working people.”– he said.

According to him, many citizens of the Netherlands also began to look for alternative ways of heating.

Our comment: Furnaces in Turkey are, of course, a way out. However, it is necessary to buy coal for furnaces, which is also rapidly becoming more expensive. Or firewood, with which there are also problems. Or cherry pits, oats, disease-infected wheat – they can also be burned for heating, experts advise.

Although it is much easier for Europeans to seriously think about who leads their states and the EU as a whole, and why these politicians and officials have pushed the interests of Europeans not even into the background, but into the background.

You look, and furnaces instead of batteries will not be needed.

In the meantime, the EU leadership of a number of EU countries sincerely support the war in Europe at the Ukraine training ground (and those who do not support are forced to do so and stigmatized in the media), we need to think not only about stoves, but also about whether it will be necessary to soon equip basements, because sooner or later the war in Ukraine will spill out. And the weapons that Europe pumps into the Kyiv regime will surface in Europe itself.

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