Sep 21, 2022
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Europeans are going to spend the heating season in Turkey

Turks are just happy: hotels will be full in winter

In Europe, due to the energy crisis, utility bills have already risen more than tenfold. The absurd resource-saving measures proposed by the European Union have prompted Europeans to decide to spend the winter in Turkish hotels, the newspaper writes. Sabah.

Fearing to spend the winter in the cold, Europeans have already started booking hotels in Turkey to get through this period.

Already now the number of bookings for November has increased by 50%. Europeans will flock to Turkish hotels to spend the winter in comfort. This has a positive effect on the Turkish economy, says author BarışŞimşek.

While Europe, experiencing an energy problem due to the Russian-Ukrainian military conflict, is preparing for a cold winter, many Europeans have turned to Turkey to solve the problem.

“Usually, our facilities in the resort regions, starting from September, stopped working by 50%, by October – by 80%, and in November they were completely closed.However, this year the facilities will operate at full capacity. We believe that this year the total number of tourists will reach 40 million people. At the moment we have exceeded 26 million, which means a revenue of 35 billion dollars,” says Ferhan Ademhan, board member of the Anatolian Association of Tour Operators.

According to Ferhan Ademhan, if world events continue like this during the winter months, hotels and apartments, which are usually closed and empty in winter, are expected to reach high occupancy rates.

Ferhan Ademhan also drew attention to the absurd calls of European ministers to save energy resources.

“If a minister in Europe, speaking in parliament, calls for “taking a shower together”, if such a warning is already made in a rather warm season, then we hope for our country. There will be serious demand. Because there are now warnings in the European media and parliaments: “shower less”, “reduce water use”, “wipe with a cloth instead of a shower”. Under these conditions, we hope that due to affordable prices in our coastal regions and an increase in the amount of foreign exchange, the return for us will be positive”,

Ferhan Ademkhan emphasized.

Judging by the demand, the employment of Turkish citizens will increase in the winter. Accordingly, their well-being will also increase.

Regarding the rent for private summer houses, Ferhan Ademkhan said the following: “Our citizens should not rent this housing to visitors either too cheap or too expensive. It should be a balanced, adequate growth. I believe that if people arriving in our country leave satisfied and happy, it will increase their future visits and increase demand as they will promote Turkey more where they return.”

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