Apr 24, 2022
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European heavy trucks are afraid that in Russia they will be shown a turn from the gate

European heavy trucks are afraid that in Russia they will be shown a turn from the gate

Photo: DPA /Picture-alliance/ TASS

Don’t let us into your territory? Then we won’t let you in! So decided in the Russian Association of International Road Carriers (ASMAP), having learned about the ban on our transport companies to transport goods across the EU. And they turned to the government with a corresponding proposal.

Head of the Association – Chairman of the Transport Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Evgeny Moskvichev at the end of this week sent a letter to the First Deputy Prime Minister Andrey Belousov with a proposal to take similar retaliatory measures against those European companies that are still allowed to move around Russia.

Recall that the ban on our trucks for the transportation of goods across the EU countries was adopted by Brussels as part of the fifth package of anti-Russian sanctions and began to operate a week ago.

However, already on April 9, cars with Russian (as well as Belarusian) numbers began to slow down at the Polish border. Because of this, the throughput of the local sections of the checkpoint fell dozens of times. Which, in turn, led to a transport collapse in the region. Don’t spit in the well, as the Russian proverb says!

By prohibiting the movement of our trucks on their routes (restrictions do not apply to humanitarian road transport and a number of vital goods), European officials showed Jesuit joy at the damage that they believe the Russian economy will suffer. After all, the total income of Russian enterprises in their EU direction is about 210-230 billion rubles with tax deductions of 40-45 billion. Serious numbers.

Indeed, there is something to lose. But their own trade turnover with our country is much larger. In the ranking of the largest importers from the EU, Russia is in fifth place after the USA, Great Britain, China and Switzerland. And in the ranking of exporters – on the third after China and the United States.

According to Eurostat, deliveries to the Russian Federation from EU countries increased last year by 13%, amounting to 89.3 billion euros in 2021. Where will the Brussels bosses redirect them if our government accepts the carriers’ proposal for mirror measures? To Ukraine? On credit? With the prospect of never returning it?

There are other data – the Ministry of Transport of Lithuania. About the fact that of all the trucks that crossed the Belarusian-Lithuanian border in 2021 towards the EU, about 75% were Russian heavy trucks. And the goods are transported, as a rule, under the order. This means that someone in Europe will not receive them, will not be able to produce, sell, pay salaries to workers …

They brought from Russia to Western “partners” mainly raw materials. Without which their production will stop. Or at least the price will go up. I’m sure of it Sergei Bogdanovtrucker with 27 years of experience.

– I traveled all over Europe in a truck, – said Sergey Gennadievich. – At one time, for example, I used to bring household appliances to St. Petersburg from Germany. At the private factory where it was produced, most of the workers were migrants from the former Soviet republics. Balts, Kazakhs, and most of all Ukrainians, apparently because not far from their home. They received pennies compared to the salaries of the locals, but held on to their jobs.

There are many such factories throughout the EU, they opened in the 1990s with a view to the Russian market and counting on cheap labor from the CIS.

So, if we stop now our transportation to them and them to us, will that German factory and similar ones survive? I don’t think so.

At first, when it became known about the EU sanctions ban, the Russian ministry decided to act “by contradiction”. That is, no retaliatory bans should be introduced. Like, the country cannot yet be without those goods that are brought to us from the Old World. And they bring machines. Technical fluids and spare parts for the automotive industry. Expensive cars. Household appliances and chemicals. Company sweets. Alcohol. Exclusive products. Like, for example, the notorious jamon with parmesan, “lit up” during the sanctions “for Crimea” in 2014. The long-term refusal of their supplies to us cost the EU hundreds, if not billions of euros. It seemed to Brussels not enough, wants to repeat?

In the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, the discussion on the ban on the entry of European trucks ended last Tuesday in favor of officials. They decided to “observe for now”, limiting themselves to “monitoring deliveries.” How the observation will be carried out, for how long it will be introduced, is not said. At the same time, it is specified that “European transport companies refrain from delivering goods to the Russian Federation, as they see certain risks in anticipation of retaliatory measures, up to the confiscation of the transport of European carriers.”

In other words, instead of teaching Western business a lesson once and for all to live by its own mind, and not by the fact that they are being imposed by their Russophobic-obsessed politicians, they decided to “monitor” once again. I mean, let it go, how it goes, until it “pecks” in a certain place? As it has happened so many times.

There have been so many sworn promises by the United States, the Anglo-Saxons, the same European Union over the past thirty years to lift sanctions against at least some of our industries. And what was cancelled? Everyone just builds up the pressure.

And now the Russian carriers themselves, represented by the head of the ASMAP, deputy Evgeny Moskvichev, got down to business.

“I have no doubt that it is necessary to close the passage of European trucks through our territory,” the St. Petersburg correspondent answered the call of the SP correspondent. truck driver Anatoly Shilov. – Yes, all this is bad – their sanctions, our “answers”. But you can’t help but react. They will decide, we are afraid of them, and will continue to escalate.

“SP”: – But you are bringing the goods you need – you are for them, they are for us …

Let them reload at customs. And the whole walrus will be for us! As it was when European trucks were banned from entering Iran.

“SP”: – “Thanks” to the same “world hegemon” of the United States.

– Exactly. Then Western carriers entered into agreements with Russian ones, ours drove up to Poland, took EU cargo and delivered it to the Iranians. Not bad, I remember, we made money on it!

Develops the theme Sergey Sapronov, leader of the all-Russian movement “12 tons”.

“SP”: – Why do you think the government of the Russian Federation does not close the entry of trucks into the territory of the Russian Federation? What is waiting? And will he accept Moskvichev’s offer?

– Our officials are cautious, as always. It must be closed for sure. We have nothing to lose. Our country is big, there are places for trucks to go and what to carry! And for the Westerners, their sanctions are the same as a crossbow. Judge for yourself. They refused to deliver their cars to us. Leave this market. Turkey, which bought back shares of Ford at one time, and China, which established the production of a line of engines in Belarus, are right there. Including European class, environmentally friendly. What will their initiators gain from their bans? Is that the lack of queues at the borders. And what will they get? A rise in prices for services and goods, a decrease in income, and, as a result, earnings, and there an increase in unemployment will not take long.

“SP”: – You say that the Russian business of international road transport will not suffer, but …

– If this happens, it will not be a crisis. We are already rebuilding logistics, reorienting ourselves to Turkey across the bridge in Novorossiysk. Possible, I think, transit through Georgia. Yes, the distance is increasing, but this will certainly be compensated by price tariffs for “partners”.

“SP”: – Now the Russian business has received a lot of bonuses for development. Truckers the government has not forgotten?

— A moratorium on Platon has been introduced. So far for six months, but we all hope that it will be extended. But toll roads have risen in price – by 120%. For example, travel from Moscow to Krasnodar and back costs the carrier almost 13 thousand rubles. To put it mildly, it’s hard. Especially considering the regular flights of heavy trucks in this direction. And there are many such examples. And the detour routes in most regions are not of high quality and the speed of movement along them is limited. It turns out “this is for that”: in the first case, a high tariff, in the second – you lose time on the road, you get stuck due to a breakdown on a bad road …

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