Apr 8, 2021
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European gas blocked in Ukrainian storage facilities

For five days in April, the gas of European traders, which they store in Ukrainian storage facilities, was, in fact, blocked due to contradictions in Ukrainian legislation. This was announced by the Ukrtransgaz UGS operator.

“Due to the discrepancy in the texts of legislative acts, these operations (with natural gas, which is stored in the“ Customs warehouse ”mode) were actually blocked from April 1 to April 5,” the operator of the Ukrainian storage facilities said. He clarified that since the beginning of the month, the State Customs Service of Ukraine, according to the law on customs tariffs, declares gas in the “Customs warehouse” mode exclusively in energy units (kW / hour).

At the same time, according to Ukrtransgaz, Ukraine has not yet adopted a law on the introduction of metering and settlements in energy units on the local gas market. They are counted in cubic meters. “This became the reason that the operator of gas storage facilities of Ukraine and other participants could not fulfill the requirements of the customs,” Ukrtransgaz reported.

The company added that the crisis situation was temporarily resolved: “From April 1, during the placement and delivery of gas in the“ Customs warehouse ”mode, in addition to energy units, information about gas volumes in volume units will be indicated for reference. The specified algorithm will be used only for declaring operations and will not in any way affect the relationship between the operator of the Ukrainian UGS facility and customers. “

Gas storage in Ukraine became popular among European traders last year. Then the UGSs of the EU countries were filled, and Ukraine offered preferential tariffs and the “Customs warehouse” regime, when gas for sale outside the country is not subject to duties during its storage.

By the heating season, European traders have pumped 10 billion cubic meters into Ukrainian storage facilities and put more than 5 billion cubic meters for sale in the EU during the winter.

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