Oct 4, 2021
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European Commissioner hinted at new gas initiative

European Economic Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni hinted at a new gas initiative. The need for it arose after noticeable jumps in prices for natural gas.

The European Union is considering the topic of responding to a record rise in gas prices. During the press conference, Gentiloni spoke about the work that is currently underway.

“We are working to try to identify further proposals on such issues as whether we can play a certain role in gas purchases, whether we can take a new initiative on gas storage,” he said.

Gentiloni did not rule out that some proposals will appear by the end of the year. According to the European Commissioner, on October 4, the problem was discussed by the finance ministers of the countries – members of the eurozone.

Earlier, economist Mitrahovic warned that the United States would not help Europe in the event of a cold winter. “If necessary, lobbyists will appear who will insist on restricting exports,” he explained.

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