Jun 25, 2021
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Europe will soon be torn apart from the inside: she thinks how to punish Russia

The forty-eight hours of the EU summit, the first part of which – a dinner called a workers’ – took place yesterday, and a plenary session will take place today.

Official agenda: discussion of the behavior of “opponents of democracy and progress”. The participating countries consider Russia and Belarus to be such.

The package of sanctions against the latter will be finally approved, in it – as expected – restrictive measures concerning the export of Belarusian potash to Europe (this is a quarter of the raw materials consumed by European farmers, where and from whom to buy the missing is unknown).

Well, this newfangled European “party committee” will discuss Russia’s behavior point by point in order to horrify the bright-faced European public, which has not represented the last seven years and a day without “a threat from the East.”

If we describe the situation in the military terms proposed by the “Western partners”, then in intelligence this kind of behavior is called “a distraction for an insignificant goal,” because if a real threat to the EU exists, it does not come from the East, but from the South.

This threat is so significant that no one wants to discuss it openly. Because they are afraid.

After all, the illegal migration of the last few years is a fuse that can be ignited at any second.

Judge for yourself: Turkey, which the Europeans are also going to put on display during the summit, keeps on its territory three million potential refugees who want to get to Europe. And it depends only on the will of Ankara whether to continue observing the agreements with Brussels or not.

With legally established links between NGOs rescuing illegal immigrants in the Mediterranean Sea and those who put potential asylum seekers (and potential recipients of a generous European social package) in fragile boats on the North African coast, law enforcement agencies in EU countries take little action bring trafficking suspects to justice.

As soon as the Italian prosecutor’s office dug a little deeper than the press allowed it, it turned out that those who send inflatable boats from North Africa, with those who take on board illegal sea vehicles chartered for unknown whose money, have a strong and warm relationship. and all the achievements of telecommunication technologies – to the services of both.

Europol also writes about this in detail in a report (far from the first).

Figures are also given in the same report.

On average, the transfer of just one illegal migrant who wants to reach the “European eden” brings in the pockets of organized crime seven thousand euros.

Main routes:

– east – through Greece, and then through the Balkans and with the help of Romanian, Bulgarian and Croatian truckers to Germany and France;

– western – through Spanish ports and again with the help of truckers and / or sympathizers to France;

– middle (and most popular) – through Italian ports; and again the end point of the route is France (less often Germany).

There is evidence that every year, in one way or another, at least 350-400 thousand people enter France (for comparison: this is the population of Nice). If we assume that only half or a third of illegal immigrants remain in the country, then even this theoretically should, on the one hand, induce the authorities to solve the problem, and on the other, sober society.

The streets of French cities no longer belong to the French. It was no longer safe to walk on them even during the day. Even in those districts that are considered prosperous and fashionable, women can easily rip off the chain from the neck, or, grabbing the hand, quickly remove the bracelet.

Stopping at a red traffic light, if the window on the driver’s side is not tightly closed, can end in robbery – of a watch, money or credit card.

A trip to the subway – the risk of losing your mobile.

These petty, as they are called in police bulletins, “offenses” almost never appear on the pages of the press or in the news feeds of information portals – the journalists of the Fifth Republic are firmly convinced that such reports “can incite hatred of the weak and vulnerable.”

But under the fire of righteous anger are regularly and regularly those who dare to speak openly about what is happening in the country.

The most recent example is the numerous lawsuits (including by the French Chamber of Advocates) against Marine Le Pen’s “National Association”: her party’s election materials indicated that the annual maintenance of just one illegal underage migrant costs the treasury approximately 50 thousand euros. These figures are quite official and are taken from the report of the Senate Commission, it is difficult to refute them, and the only sin that National Unity has committed is that it made them public.

All the same press, commentators and experts who do not leave talk shows, propagandize for all good and against all bad, accusing nationalists (in fact, patriots) of xenophobia, endlessly supporting the policy of “wide open doors”, technically do not notice neither the increasingly alarming reports of Europol, nor the warnings of criminologists linking (publicly, which today requires a fair amount of courage in France, by the way) the exponential growth of illegal migration and the level of violence in society.

Maurice Berger, a renowned psychiatrist dealing with the problems of violence among older adolescents and young people, in an interview with Le Figaro, bluntly states: “It is necessary to stop uncontrolled illegal migration for several years, until new arrivals come to terms with the fact that that the laws of the country of residence are required to be observed. Yes, someone may consider such a decision unfair, but we simply have no other choice. “

Uncontrolled illegal migration is practically the only factor that causes powerful divisions within the EU as well.

There are states that are the first to take the blow, equipping the newly arrived “future Europeans”, whom Brussels leaves without funds and without any significant support, which, in turn, leads to the absence of any control over the movement of illegal immigrants already within the community. The authorities of the same Greece speak about this quite openly.

Italy is trying to raise its voice: on the eve of the summit, Rome announced that it requires the inclusion of the topic of migration in the agenda and a revision at least partially of the current procedure for admitting, registering and controlling those wishing to become “Europeans” his “were heard”.

And then there is Hungary and Poland: Budapest and Warsaw, seeing what is happening in the same Paris, Nice, Avignon and in the suburbs that have become ethnic ghettos, do not at all strive – neither within the framework of “European solidarity” or for possible financial bonuses – to reproduce this situation in their countries. Moreover, both Orban and Morawiecki (unlike Macron, who has practically no supporters) have a public mandate to pursue just such a policy.

Thus, if uncontrolled illegal migration does not eventually tear apart the countries receiving them from the outside, then the Damocles sword of disintegration from the inside will continue to hang over the European Union, since it is impossible not to notice such an abscess forever.

It will either have to be opened, calling what is happening by its proper names, that is, when the “search for a better life” turns out to be human trafficking, NGOs, these “life savers”, will turn into accomplices of the mafia, and the sums spent by the treasury will cease to be a secret and will be available to every European to the taxpayer, or the policy of silence, concealment and censorship will continue – until the logical conclusion.

This will be sepsis, a general infection of the European organism, that is, until a civil war begins. On the streets of the same Paris or Nice.

By the way, the military has already warned Macron about this. Three times.

But judging by the fact that today both the President of France and other leaders, due to intellectual blindness, ideological indoctrination and petty pre-election conjuncture, consider the enemy of European unity not illegal uncontrolled migration, but Russia, no change in the vector will take place.

Thus, in Brussels, they decided to wait for the pan-European peritonitis, which, by the way, will still have to be cut.

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